How To Create the Best Backyard for Your Dog

Your dog is an important member of your family, and it’s essential to give him a space that is right for his needs. That’s why you need to build the best backyard possible. Putting a little thought into the design can help your dog thrive while he is outdoors.
Add Plenty of Shade
Dogs love their time in the sun, but it’s important for them to have a shaded area to cool off when they are ready. They need a safe place to lounge or get out of the sun that is easy and safe for them to access.

If you have an awning that already covers part of your yard, that can work for shade. Even a large tree is an option. However, if you don’t then you will need to add something that offers cover. You can place a table outside that is tall enough for your dog to sit under. You can also use a dog house so your pup will have a place to retreat when the heat gets overwhelming.
Provide the Right Grass
A dog in your backyard means you are going to have waste to deal with daily. Dogs also run paths and tracks through your yard that can leave a conventional lawn looking haggard. These are good reasons to think about what kind of grass you want in your yard.

If you decide to use artificial grass Seattle, you can save yourself a ton of trouble. You won’t have to worry about lawn maintenance, and this gives you more time to play with your dog. Your dog also won’t get muddy and track dirt through your house. Waste is easy to see and clean since artificial grass is short, and you don’t have to worry about the dog waste killing your grass. It’s also much harder for things like snakes to hide in artificial grass, and this can help keep your dog safe.
Create a Space for Food and Water
Even if your dog stays indoors most of the time, there will be times she is in the backyard. Don’t make things difficult by dragging her water and food bowls in and out. Simply add a dining place outside so your dog always has water and sustenance when he is roaming.

It’s important to make sure the food and water is easily accessible, especially if your dog will be outside while you aren’t home. Check often to make sure the food isn’t soggy or stale. Place empty bowls on a table or some other place where they can be cleaned and kept safe when they are not being used.
Get Serious About Play
Dogs need to run off their energy, and they also need challenges so they don’t get bored. With this in mind, create a backyard playground that will entertain your dog and help him get out all of his running and playing before it’s time to rest.

You can use tunnels or beams to give your dog activities that will work his muscles. It’s also a good idea to have balls, tug toys, and other items that you can use to interact with your dog during play. For a dog that really likes a game and gets bored easily, provide toys that allow you to hide treats inside. Your dog will have to figure out how to access the food, and this takes time, patience, and brains. Most dogs will happily put in the work for a valued treat.
Build a Fence
Your dog needs an area that is fenced in to run. Though it’s true some dogs still dig out or find ways over their fences, it’s much less likely that you will deal with a runaway dog if it’s not easy for him to get out.

Make sure your fence is too high for your dog to jump over it, and check frequently for any places where your dog has tried to dig. You need to fill these holes before they are large enough for your pet to squeeze through. Having a fence will keep your dog safe, and it will also keep your dog from getting into trouble in your neighborhood.

Make sure you give your dog the backyard she deserves by considering her unique needs.

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