Awesome Online Tools For the Busy Mom

Awesome Online Tools For the Busy Mom-e9e00196

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Moms around the world struggle each day to manage their households. From sports, extracurricular activities to doctors’ appointments and play days, it can be hard to juggle everyone’s routine. Wondering what you can do to manage your time better is often on the mind. Here are some tools you can get online to help better manage your household and be more productive.

Note Taking App

Paper and pen are the old way of taking notes and many people no longer carry paper and pen in their purses, pockets, or vehicles. The internet has made it so easy to take notes whether it be an app on your desktop or an app you can download on your phone. Some phones are already equipped with tools for note-taking. An app like Evernote can help you organize your thoughts, keep a running grocery list, create a chore list, to-do list, and more. You can create a list on your phone and share it with your computer or vice versa.

Google Drive

If you are one that uses multiple documents, sheets, and forms to create chore lists, calendars or projects then Google drive is the perfect way to store your documents. Google drive is directly linked to your google account and all of your documents will be store in the cloud of the program as long as you’re signed in. This is a great option if you homeschool your kiddos and will help you share reports and projects or create the project and send it to your kid. You can upload just about anything to the drive even if it was created on another program helping create ease in document storage. It saves a lot of time and you can make changes on the go.

Online Organizer

An online organizer can help you keep track of everyone’s schedule. The Cozi Family Organizer is the perfect tool if you have multiple children with multiple activities or an on-the-go homeschool mom. This application helps you keep events and activities all in one location instead of using multiple calendars, share the grocery list to other household members, store recipes, plan meals and shop for needed items and use from any computer or devise. The app is downloadable and can be shared with members of the entire family helping everyone stay on task. If necessary, you can split tasks between the adults to help with the kids. Cozi can also help you identify if you are scheduling activities at the same time or if there may be a conflict in the schedule.

Online Calendar

Traditional calendars are often nonexistent especially since online calendars can be used between devices. An online calendar can help you keep track of kids’ activities, doctor’s appointments, or work schedules. Use the multi-color option to color code people or activities. You can sometimes connect your calendar to your contacts for easy scheduling with others. Some calendars have the option to turn on desktop settings and create an alarm alerting you of a scheduled appointment or activity.

Time Tracking Tool

Sometimes certain activities take much longer than you think and then there is no time left to complete the other activities you need to do. With a time tracking tool, you can keep control of your time whether on your computer or phone. All you need to sign in hit the task button and start your time. This helps moms identify the area they need to better control their time. If they are spending too much time on one task, they can make the necessary changes to divert some of their time to other needed areas. Toggle is a perfect app for mothers to use as it is free and you can use this throughout the family. It’s perfect for kids as well to help plan on how much time they should spend on certain activities or projects.


Being a mom is a joy but managing your time can be stressful and tedious. If you are looking to better manage your entire family’s time, these tools will help you manage appointments, activities, vacations, work schedules and become more productive. With the use of technology, there are many apps and programs available to help you properly manage your household.

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