How Your Family Can Practice Safety This Summer

How Your Family Can Practice Safety This Summer (1)-acbc0eb1

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Before summer fun sets in on vacation with family or hangouts with friends, parents should create to keep their kids safe this summer. This way, kids and parents can rest easy knowing they are prepared for a safe and happy season of fun. Read on for a guide to ultimate summer safety.

1. Stay Safe From the Sun

It’s almost time for a summer full of sun-filled activities. While it’s a good idea for your kids to get some sunshine this season, be sure their skin is properly protected while they do. Without the proper amount of sunblock and protective gear, heatstroke and sunburn are inevitable. If you’re going out for a picnic or a day at the beach, break out the sunblock, lotion, baseball caps, sunglasses, and umbrellas to make sure your kids aren’t getting too much sun. Likewise, always make sure to have enough water on hand to keep everyone healthy and hydrated.

2. Practice Car & Motorcycle Safety

Every Buffalo motorcycle accident lawyer understands the importance of car safety for the summer. The CDC recommends children be restrained in a child safety seat, booster seat, or seat belt according to their weight and height. The CDC also recommends that adults use the proper restraints and anchors based on their vehicle’s location and size. Similarly, if your child is 13 or older, remind them to always buckle their seat belt. If you ride a motorcycle, always be looking out for cars that may not see you.

3. Stay Safe in the Water

Water safety is another major concern when it comes to summer fun. If you’re planning to travel to the beach or take your children on a boat ride this summer, swimming lessons are a must. Enrolling your child in swim classes will give them a better understanding of how to confidently and carefully enjoy their time in the water. As they become competent swimmers, they will also learn how to prevent drowning when in the water. Just as you should teach your child how to stay safe in the water, it’s important to make sure your home is properly protected as well. If you have a pool or jacuzzi at home, make sure there is adequate fencing around the entire area. Likewise, always ensure your children have parental supervision at all times when they are in the water.

4. Secure Your Windows

While parents often think of major safety concerns when it comes to protecting their children in the summer, window safety is typically forgotten. Make sure your kids understand to never play near unprotected windows and that windows should always have screens in them. If your child is under the age of five, it’s essential to prevent window falls by keeping the windows locked.

5. Teach Stranger Safety

Many kids don’t always think about the dangers of the world when they are around others, but every parent knows that stranger danger is always a concern. As the summer months approach, it’s important to teach your children about how to stay safe from strangers when they are out and about in public and when online. In the age of social media, parents, and children often forget about the real danger of meeting strangers online and in person. Make sure your child knows to never talk to strangers and adults without their parent’s permission. Likewise, make sure to monitor all the apps and programs your child uses to be aware of everything going on.

6. Protect Against COVID

Though COVID restrictions are lifting, parents would do well to keep protecting their kids against it. From wearing masks to washing their hands regularly, it’s still a great idea for parents to remain proactive against the virus. Encourage family members and friends to regularly disinfect themselves and surfaces as well as wear masks to lower the risk of catching or spreading the coronavirus.



We hope these ideas have inspired you to take your summer family protection plan to the next level. Start planning for summer safety now so you can spend the rest of the season having fun. Whether you go on vacation or stay home through the summer, use these ideas to make sure your kids stay safe.

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