What You Should Know Before Using a Rideshare App

At one time, your only choice was a taxi if you needed a lift when you didn’t have a ride of your own. You have more choices today. Using a rideshare has become a popular alternative, especially if you go in on the cost of your ride with friends or family members. In many cases, a rideshare is less expensive than a taxi service. However, make sure you do your homework. Find out what you should know before using a rideshare app to schedule your ride.

Pay Close Attention to All Information Given to You About Your Ride
When you open your rideshare app to schedule your lift, you will be given vital information about the vehicle and driver that will be picking you up. You will be given the make, model, and color of the vehicle. The license plate number will also be provided. Most importantly of all, you will see a picture to identify your driver. Have all of this information on hand when it is time for your ride. Make sure everything matches up. If it doesn’t, do not ever get in the car. Finally, the app should make it possible to check your driver’s personal rating. If you are not satisfied with one driver, keep searching until you find one who makes you feel secure. Once you find the right driver for you, understand your rights in the event that your driver is involved in an accident. The driver should be liable for damages that are covered by his or her insurance. If there is any problem with receiving compensation, enlist the aid of a car accident attorney.

Choose a Safe Location to Meet with Your Rideshare Driver
You will specify your pick up location for your rideshare driver when you use the app. Always pick someplace that is safe. In many cases, you will be choosing your home as the rendezvous point. If you are getting picked up somewhere else, choose a public place. Don’t leave yourself in isolation, especially at night. You should have good lighting the security of other people around you.

Make Sure the Driver Knows Who You Are
One of the biggest mistakes with a rideshare is being too trusting. You should never get in the vehicle unless you feel secure. Never tell the driver any personal information out yourself. You should be the person asking the questions. Ask the driver for his or her name. Ask your driver to identify you and where you are headed. If possible, sit in the backseat to give yourself more privacy and personal space. If your driver cannot answer any of these questions, do not get in the car. Go inside and report the vehicle and driver to the authorities.

Always Tell Someone You are Using a Rideshare
Do not use a rideshare service without telling friends or family about it. Give them the specific details of when you are getting picked up, where you are going, and when you expect to get to your destination. You can also provide others with the details about the vehicle and driver that is picking you up. When your ride arrives, be sure to notify your driver that others know you are using a rideshare service. You can be casual, suggesting you will give a good reference. At the same time, you are putting your driver on alert.

Bring Something to Protect Yourself
You should always be ready to protect yourself no matter how cautious you are about scheduling a rideshare service. Always have a cellphone with you that has been charged. Keep pepper spray in your pocket or your purse. Consider putting keys in your pocket. Keep an eye on the door and lock. If you feel threatened at any time, ask the driver to let you out. You can also dial 9-1-1 and leave the line open if at any point you feel at risk.

A rideshare service is a convenient alternative when you prefer not to take a taxi. Using an app can make it simple to schedule your lift without any hassles. Take the time to protect yourself by preparing for your ride. When you find a driver you can count on, you’ll know who to call the next time.

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