3 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Current Events

With the current situation in the world and the availability of screens. It has become hard to control what kids get to see. Though there some vital images for kids, others are not suitable at all. Avoiding these recent events is not an option for some kids. 


Since they see them at home, others hear adult discussions from schoolmates and even around the community. The best way to handle these situations is by making sure your kids are well aware but in a controlled manner.


Below we discuss three ways to teach your kids about current events.

1. Let them watch what is relevant but explain and elaborate

Make sure your kids watch what is relevant to them and help them understand. Some events brought to our screens may be horrific for instant-on catastrophic events like tornados, earthquakes, and even the most recent coronavirus pandemic. These are some events that a child should be made to understand and how to handle them.


Some environmental events are critical to the kid’s information. In some instants, they are taught in most schools. However, as a parent, you can make your child understand the current event. First-hand information from the parents makes it easier for the child to understand. You can start to explain what is happening to your kids with the recent news events such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Make An Strategy

From what the kids see and hear, try as much as possible to answer their questions, as they will always ask for clarification purposes. However, following each child’s lead is the key since every child has a different understanding ability.


• First, understand and find out what they already know to guide you on what to talk to them about


• Depending on your child’s development and age, the way you explain the events will also matter.


•You should let the child be in control, and through that, you can also encourage the kid to talk. In these situations, for kids in fear, it helps them get over their fears, especially during natural disasters.

• Some events may cause kids to panic, but try to teach how to be prepared for any eventuality.

2. Teach the kids by taking control of the situation or taking the initiative.

Some events would require the parents to get involved as a way of teaching the child. Make them understand the event. You can teach your kids some events by volunteering to do things like community clean-up. Some of these instances help kids need to understand the environment.

Volunteering Together

Participating in volunteer work together with your child can help them understand matters involving community-based issues. Some of these issues they may come across at home through the news or learn them in school.


Other events that can help a child understand what they see in the news or what they learn is by taking a child to visits certain professionals. This would allow the child to understand the nature of the Job. For example, a visit and even a talk with the firemen can go a long way in understanding events that may involve fire or rescue.

3. Teach the kids by emphasizing the positive side of the event as much as possible.

Kids tend to pick on popular news articles and more likely to see them often. For the horrific but necessary news, it is essential to make sure that, with every news event, you emphasize the positive side of the story.


An excellent example of a teach-in on the positive emphasis is in an event. In popular news articles where an attack is involved, let your child focus on the positive side instead of the negative, like the attackers’ channel. The positive side of it would be on the people helping out during the attack or volunteering organizations rendering help to the hurt.



The best way is to be updated with current events and help your child learn and know the experience of the rest of the world. Use the above methods to teach your kids an understanding of their level. On the other side, learn to listen to the child more often to find out what they already know.


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