5 Gifts Ideas For New Parents That Are Struggling

When expectant parents fill out a registry, there’s no way for them to know what they will genuinely need in those early days. Certain gifts are so considerate that they can ease the load during stressful times when sleep is scarce and low energy. Here are a few for the new parents in your life.

Prepared Meals

Everyone has to eat, but the focus in those first days is to get the baby fed and keep him happy. Getting in the kitchen to prepare meals can feel like an impossible task if a baby never wants to be put down. That’s where having meals that are already prepared is a lifesaver.


Prepared meals delivered to your door is the perfect gift for the new parents in your life. They don’t have to do any of the work but get all of the satisfaction of healthy, vibrant food. This can be an even better option than preparing food and dropping it off since parents sometimes feel the need to visit if a friend is at the door. Let them enjoy their food without any obligations, and know you are helping provide sustenance they need.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Parents indeed need to be able to hear the baby when he is in distress. However, they also need quality rest, which can’t always happen with a baby in the house. Parents lose a tremendous amount of sleep during the first year of a baby’s life, and this can affect their physical and mental health.


Buy the new parents in your life a pair of noise-canceling headphones so they can take turns using them when needed. This gives each partner a chance to shut out the noise and rest without worry. Approaching the day without sleep deprivation as a companion is a fantastic gift, and simply cutting down on the excess sound can help make this happen.

Care Kit

A postpartum care kit gives new parents everything they need that they probably didn’t plan. You can include post-birth items, such as sanitary napkins, a perineum bottle, and comfy pajamas. Postnatal vitamins and pain relievers are lifesavers for a mom who just gave birth. A water bottle, nursing pads, and other items that keep mom in comfort are good choices. 


By helping take care of her, you remind her that her care matters and that she is allowed to heal. While everyone will bring items for the baby, it’s easy for the caretakers to feel like they are responsible for taking care of themselves while also taking on the stress of a new baby.

Housecleaning Services

One source of stress for new parents is that they don’t have time for everything they need. Babies require near-constant attention, and most parents want to sleep when the baby does if possible. That’s why hiring a housecleaning service for new parents is a great way to pamper them. Not having to clean the house takes a significant task off of their plates.


Research places that use cleaners that are safe for babies. It’s also a good idea to check in with the new parents to make sure they are comfortable with other people in their home. While most parents love the idea of someone else taking care of the cleaning, others may want to limit the number of people coming in while the baby is young.

Diapers Delivered

No parent understands how fast a baby goes through diapers until they see it for themselves. Have diapers delivered straight to the door to help parents who don’t have the time or energy to go to the store. Ask what brand of diapers they prefer, and make sure you know what size. If in doubt, it’s better to order a larger size because the baby can grow into them.


If you have friends who opt for cloth diapers, buy them extra sets so they won’t have to worry about washing constantly. This will free up time and pressure them to grab a nap instead of doing laundry.


Buy a thoughtful gift and let the new parents in your life know that you want to make things easier for them when possible.

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