5 Great Ways to Make Learning Code More Exciting

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Teaching and learning are a dynamic process. Teachers, students, parents and education stakeholders are always on the lookout for more innovative teaching and learning tools. Are you a teacher or a parent and desperately need a new teaching and learning approach which will captivate the minds of the children in your care? Is your child tired of the rigors of online school and has tuned out? Coding is an exciting learning concept that has its genesis in Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget’s learning theories. These theories advocate for developing children’s intellectual ability through practical demonstrations which will advance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Coding involves giving specific instruction to a computer for the purpose of learning new skills, developing creativity and independently solving problems. Here are five great ways to make code learning more exciting for children and to help them gravitate towards excellence.

Integrate the Child’s Interests in Code Learning

You can encourage code learning by making your child’s or student’s personal interests a part of the learning activity. Many of our children spend hours playing Video games and sometimes as parents we feel that our children are becoming computerized zombies, however what they know and enjoy can be used to help them want to learn. Video games can be used in learning codes to teach children many aspects of computer science.

Encourage Interaction With Like-minded Persons

Encourage your child to interact with other children who share similar interests and goals. We should create opportunities for our children and young people to meet persons with similar ambitions. You do not need to be concerned about leaving the safety and comfort of your home. Teaching and learning are no longer contained in the classroom walls. We can connect in real time with people from different cultures. Coding clubs, learning platforms and educational entities are designed to meet this demand and offer educational services online. The basic requirements to access an online IDE is a stable internet connection and excellent web browser. Your child can log on with a small device and still access all the features of the coding program which includes a debugger. Other basic tools include manual variable watches and call stacks.

Allow Room for Mistakes

We often berate children for making mistakes and often our approach discourages them from completing a task. A child must make mistakes to learn how to navigate the difficulties in life. Learning codes encourages children to think outside of the box and enables them to devise strategies to fix problems. Allow your child to stretch their minds. Encourage them to try something difficult. Mathematics is a challenge for many students. Programming is a math-based discipline which allows children to learn analysis of data and do calculations while having fun.

Build on Creative Skills

Young people already possess a wide range of critical skills and are competent in manipulating the technology learning platform. Learning codes promotes creativity. When we give our children room to think for themselves, they will be able to unearth talents and abilities that could help to advance our world. Learning codes are not just excellent tools for learning mathematical concepts but can be applied in creating animation and games. Karen Brennan, an assistant professor of education at Harvard Graduate School states that learning how to code and to create should be a skill available to every child. You can assist your child to access this skill by providing a basic computer and accessories.

Provide a Consistent Challenge

Students are often bored by the monotonous structure of classroom learning. Intelligent students who need to keep active are often labelled restless and inattentive. Your child’s interaction with code learning provides endless possibilities to learn, grow and develop. Our children need opportunities to excel and activities that will broaden their thinking. Code learning is a diversified and versatile discipline which not only impacts the entertainment industry, but also influences all aspects of the education sector.


Learning codes are no longer considered a new phenomenon. Even young children can benefit from learning codes. The rapid advancement in technology is the driving force that allows students to use learning codes to improve analytical, logical and creative skills. Not sure where to begin? Start by getting more information and building connections with educational facilities and individuals whose goal is to promote and encourage the use of learning codes.

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