4 Unconventional Jobs That Can Be Very Profitable

Whether you have a full-time job and are just looking for a side gig to make extra money or searching for a job as your primary source of income, tapping into your creativity may be your best bet for landing a job. That is because creative people are doing unconventional jobs, and some of those jobs are highly profitable.


Unconventional jobs are those jobs that are less desirable and haven’t typically been given a title. They can be disgusting, lack excitement, but they must be done. They aren’t typical doctors, lawyers, secretaries, administrative assistants, drycleaners, and custodians.

Four examples of unconventional jobs that are profitable are:

Voice over artist

A voice-over artist uses their voice for radio, film, theater, television, and other presentations. Their faces are not seen in any of those forums; the audiences will only hear their voices. All of their work is done off-camera even though they are reading scripts or narration. Voice over artist work can include:

  • Documentary narratives

  • Promotional or corporate work

  • Commercials

  • Radio dramas

  • Animation and video games


Although there is no formal training required to be a voice-over artist, many have training in theater or acting. Several celebrities do voice-over work, especially for animated movies. They include Beyonce Knowles-Carter, James Earl Jones, Seth McFarlane, Laura Bailey, Cree Summer, etc.


The average pay for a voice is $69,129. Of course, New York and Hollywood jobs pay more but are harder to get.

Specialize construction services

Within the construction field, there are unconventional jobs that workers can specialize in to make money by offering their unique services. Homeowners need these services and are typically not trained to do them themselves, making these odd jobs profitable. Some of those odd jobs are:


  • Closet design – measure and design functional and efficient closet shelving and drawers.

  • Crown molding – measure and install crown molding

  • Garage shelving – measuring and adding shelving and storage to the garage.

  • Floor tile – measure and install tile in the home.

  • Concrete driveway repair Fort Worth Texas – cement, concrete repair, and sidewalk layer.


Salaries vary for these specialized construction jobs depending on size and area.

Costume attendant

If you love nothing more than the theater but prefer working behind the scenes, a costume attendant is a perfect job for you.


A costume attendant organizes the costumes for those performing in shows. The actors in shows sometimes have several costume changes. The costume attendant is responsible for ensuring that costume changes and wardrobes are flawless and changes happen seamlessly. Their jobs can be chaotic, so a costume attendant is organized, detail-oriented, and not easily flustered.


They work directly with the actors, so they must also be vocal and have a professional demeanor. There isn’t training for a costume attendant; most are promoted from being an actor dresser (they help actors get in and out of outfits). The median income for a costume attendant is $55,580 for those working in the performing arts industry and $61,600 for the motion picture industry.

Airplane painter

A love of airplanes and painting makes this an ideal job for someone who also likes working and gets a thrill seeing the results of their work.


Airplanes are outside in the elements 24/7. They don’t get the benefit of being parked in garages like other vehicles. Therefore, every seven to 10 years, they get stripped of paint and repainted. Instead of painting with a brush, airplanes are painted with high-quality spray paint in a thin layer since color adds weight to the plane. As with cars, windows, trim, and certain other areas are covered so that the paint doesn’t cause damage.


There are typically eight to 10 people working on painting a plane at one time, and it can take anywhere from 12 hours to one week for the plane to dry. Airplane painters can make between 43,500 to $50,400 annually.


Unconventional jobs are less desirable, disgusting, and lack excitement, but they must be done.


Some examples of unconventional jobs that are profitable are voice-over artist, specialized construction jobs, costume attendant, and airplane painter. These unconventional jobs are fun and can be profitable.

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