3 Natural Ways For Athletes To Get Rid Of Pain

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Athletics can lead to many stressful workouts on your muscles, which can lead to muscle pain. The most common form of muscle pain is soreness, which can be ridden relatively quickly. The following most common form of muscle pain would be a cramp, which can also be ridden rather easily. 


The third form of muscle pain is a strain, which is more challenging to get rid of than the other two. Regardless of the type of muscle pain, you are suffering from, these three natural ways can help get rid of that annoying muscle pain.

Increase Blood Flow

Sometimes the best thing you can do for muscle soreness is to continue to exercise. This does not mean work the muscle that is sore extensively but get the blood pumping again. When you are dealing with muscle pain, the muscle is trying to recover from the microtears that it has recently undergone. When you create blood flow to the sore muscle, the blood flow will help repair the muscles.


The best way to do this is to go for a walk, lift very lightweight or do some mobility exercises. The walk will help get your heart rate up and increase the blood flow throughout your body. When you lift weights, there is an increase in blood flow to that specific muscle group. Performing the mobility exercises also does this, but it will also help stretch the muscle, which can help relieve soreness.


Straining a muscle is a bit more serious than the other two forms of muscle pain, so you should be a bit more cautious. Do whatever feels comfortable, but at the very least, try and do some mobility exercises to stretch out the strained muscle.


The combination of ice and heat can resolve most muscle pain issues. Icing a sore muscle can help reduce any kind of inflammation that may be present around the muscle. Heating a sore muscle can help loosen the muscle before any type of physical activity.


A bag of ice can suffice for most muscle soreness, but always take advantage of an ice bath if it is available to you. An ice bath is excellent for any kind of lower-body muscle soreness because you can fully submerge your lower body into the bath. You just want to make sure you do not ice the muscle for too long.


Heat is excellent to use before performing physical activity because it can help loosen up the muscle and make it easier to perform any action. Like the ice, it is important not to heat your muscles for too long. 


Rest is maybe the most natural way for an athlete to get rid of any kind of muscle soreness. Not performing physical activity and giving your muscles time to recover is sometimes the best way to deal with the ailment. In the literal sense, sleeping helps repair the entire body. It is essential to mix light physical activity to help speed up the recovery process, but rest is often the best option for any kind of muscle ailment.


There is one other way to get rid of pain, but it may not be allowed by your league if you are an athlete. Depending on what level you are at, make sure this is alright to use, but full spectrum cbd oil is a great option to try and relieve muscle pain. Applying the oil to the sore muscle will help reduce the pain and allow for your body to relax. Again, make sure this is alright to use according to the level of athletics you are participating in.



Muscle pain is never a fun ailment to deal with because it prevents you from performing at your best. However, all athletes will deal with some form of muscle pain at some point in their careers. When you face this ailment, you take the right approach to speed up your recovery process and get you back in action as soon as possible.


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