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How to Flare Up Your Style with Patterned Clothing

The world of fashion keeps evolving from one style to another, which can be within days, weeks, or months. There are many trendy fashions on the internet today; sometimes, choosing how to style your wears can be confusing. If you are a trend spotter or just looking for ways to spice up your fashion, here are creative and unique ways to flare up your style with patterned clothing.

Paisley Pattern

People believe that paisley spring out of Persia, and initially, it was hand-printed in fabrics and wedding attires in Iran. Over time, paisley found its way into fashion, and this pattern is seen in different clothing of both men and women from pants, skirts, shirts, dresses, and even ties.

You can mix and match the paisley fabric pattern appropriately without ruining your look. For example:

Choose Muted Fabrics

You can use muted fabric to pair with any of your wardrobe pieces. A paisley pattern top can match well with your skinny polka dot tights.

Match with Solid Fabrics

olid colors are a good pair with a paisley pattern, and you can be sure to leave a statement. Wear your pink paisley pattern blouse and a trouser in solid blue or a white shirt with a purple paisley tie.

Use One Color

If you are not the type who mixes colors, you can always stay within one color range of your favorite. Wear a yellow paisley fabric and incorporate it with different shades of yellow and rock your day.

There are many different ways to rock this pattern and stay in style. By rocking the paisley pattern, ensure you leave a mark and stand out from the crowd.

Marble Print

If you want to bring out that killer look and attract attention, then marble print is the perfect fit. Consider purchasing some marble print clothes, they come in all varieties, from dresses, trousers, tops, skirts, and lingerie. They come in various styles, colors, sizes, and fabrics. It is a bold print that can be worn and styled from head to toe.

For instance, you can wear a yellow marble print dress and match them with black or beige shoes when you go to the office. You can pair your bottoms with a marble print top when you are out on the weekend or just a casual beach marble print dress and pair them with flip-flops as you enjoy the beach with your loved ones. Whatever the occasion, you will turn heads with the marble print.

Floral Print and Pattern

Floral prints are a must-have in your wardrobe as they are always in season and can flare up your style. You do not need to stress as floral prints and patterns come in different styles that suit everyone. They come in varieties from floral jumpsuits, dresses, tops, trousers and blazers, and many more.

You can rock a floral print or pattern ruffle dress for a special occasion like a wedding that will make you stand out. Floral off-shoulder tops, vest tops, or body suits can also be styled with a trouser which will make you be on top of your style game. The mini, midi, and maxi floral print or pattern dresses will always do the talking for you. Make sure you add a pair of statement earrings and heels to finish your look.

Polka Dots Pattern

Polka dots are none of the patterns you can match or parade with other prints and come out with a uniquely exciting and fashionable outfit. They come in all colors of your choice, either big dots, small dots, or polka dots which are designed or, at times, plain. You can wear them with floral prints, animal prints, or stripes depending on the occasion, your day, and many more.

Here is how you can max the polka dots with the different prints.

Polka Dots with Animal Prints

When you match this two, ensure the fabric you are using is long and loose. Go light on the accessories you add, like small stud earrings and black heels, so that you don’t ruin the entire outfit.

Polka Dots with Stripes

It is one of the easiest to match. The clothing you wear can have stripes and dots of the same size; alternatively, the stripes can be tiny and the dots slightly bigger.

Polka Dots and Floral

When pairing the two, choose colors complimenting them. Remember, when polka and floral prints come together, you will get many colors; if not paired correctly, it will be a disaster. The polka dot should come out as neutral, and the floral should be ornate.


Add other accessories, fancy coats, and jackets to bring out the great look as you rock your outfits. You do not have to break the bank to stay in style. If you love prints and patterns, ensure you try the ideas mentioned to flare up your style.

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