5 Things Your Horoscope Doesn’t Say About You

Your daily horoscope can help you prep for the day. It’s always nice to have a bit of a warning if things are going to get edgy. When figuring out who to date and what will happen in your work, personal and love life, compatibility is critical. However, there are things that your horoscope just can predict.


If you’re a Cancer, your brain might be endlessly busy looking for something to focus on, so why not focus on love? Your ideal partner is also going to thinking about you, so you might be happiest seeking out a Virgo.

A note for these two signs to consider: Early on, consider seeking out a state of chill. You’ll both want to figure the other one out so you can make them happy. However, this can make the other feel like a research project. Yes, you need to get to know one another, but since you’re both interested in loyalty to one another, you’ll have time to learn the deepest secrets and pleasures.


If you’ve been burned in love before, your love horoscope map may look like a minefield. For suspicious types, such as a Scorpio, a bad relationship in the past may make you the “hot stove” of the dating community. You’re sexual and interesting, so everyone wants to get close, but you’re also ready to run if things look dangerous.

The one sign that may get through your carapace is the Capricorn. The Capricorn isn’t looking for a one night stand. In fact, they’d rather head home than feel empty and sad tomorrow. They’re not going to push, but they won’t bail on you either. It may take time, but it will be good.


If a Leo wants to take you back to their place, don’t be surprised by the mirrors on the ceiling. Romance, for these folks, is performance art. However, the Leo wants you to be impressed. Whether it’s a first date or your first night together, you can be sure you’ll be on the receiving end of their best effort.

Avoid attempting romance with an Aries. Domineering Aries meets showman Leo means everyone wants to be in charge and nobody is giving anything up. Worse, nobody is going to be all that impressed. Seek out a Sagittarius for a bit of hero-worship and a fun, casual relationship.


The best loving relationship, in bed and out, is related to the desire to communicate with a mate. Silent, stoic Taurus may be driven crazy by the chatty Gemini. If you’re looking for a flexible, inventive mate, the stoicism of the Taurus will have you blocking their calls.

However, if you’ve been burned or aren’t looking for love right now, the domineering Taurus can fulfill several requirements. The flexible Pisces may find that putting someone else in charge of the occasional silliness that is dating might be just what they need. Even better, the inventive Pisces may help the Taurus to try something new, and this fascination can last for years.


Whether you’re in the market for a date, someone to hang out with, or a new partner, you can mess up and end up in love. Both the Aquarius and the Gemini struggle to shut up, so the communication never stops. A conversation at the bar after work turns into a deeper conversation on the walk home, which you can refer back to while you’re in bed, and in the morning you have your own language.

Sharing is caring, and when these two signs get together, a conversation isn’t just a tennis match. They’re actually building a net between the two of them that can turn into a cozy spot for deep intimacy. Be ready to be daring and to share honestly.

No matter what your horoscope says about your upcoming opportunities for love, you can make headway in seeking out the relationship you want. Get a clear vision of the type of partner that would suit you, even if you’re not looking for a long-term situation. Be honest about your desires, and never lose sight of your personal goals outside the spectrum of romance.

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