5 Gifts for Anyone Who’s Really Into Astrology

The signs of the Zodiac have been studied for generations. Even those high in various religious organizations used to plan large life moves around the guidance of their horoscope. If you have a friend who loves astrology, consider a special gift from the list below.

Scented Candles

Each sign has tendencies that can help them make good choices and tendencies that can cause problems. If your perfectionist Virgo friend is getting a little too intense or hard on themselves, treat them to a candle scented with chamomile to soothe a frustrated spirit after a long day.


In addition to a scented candle, consider gifting them with a pretty glass holder or a small candle trivet for safe burning. A pretty white candle holder will suit your favorite Cancer, who is ruled by the silvery light of the moon. Treat your local Taurus to a green candle scented with jasmine to lift the very practical Taurus to a new level of luxury.

Bath Bombs

Scented bath bombs are a lovely way to encourage someone of any sign to enjoy some self-care. Scents that work well for most any sign include

  • lavender

  • sage

  • vanilla

  • coconut


Try to avoid citrus scents. While a bath bomb can be calming and lead to a great night of rest, citrus fragrances can be quite energizing to the brain. You may be giving the gift of insomnia!


Consider pairing your astrological bath bombs with an eye mask, a luxurious lotion in a similar scent, or a bathtub pillow roll that your recipient can rest against while they soak away their stress. Finally, do not forget a Zodiac bath sheet or a plush towel in the best color for their personal sign.

A Zodiac Ring

Anyone who checks their horoscope regularly will love a Custom Zodiac Ring. These clever rings are available in sterling, rose gold, or yellow gold and depict the constellation of the selected sign.


These charming rings truly feature the cosmos in miniature. Your friend will love the story of the creation and choice of this clever piece of jewelry. Similar designs can also be found on pendants and bracelets for another clever gift option.

A Custom Star Map

What did the sky look like at the time of your birth? What about on the day that you were married, or the day you met your soulmate? If your loved ones adore astrology, consider treating them to a custom star map focused on a particular event in their life.


Such a map can be given for almost any event. If your friend has a birthday coming up, try to find out the exact date and time they took their first breath. Treat them to an image of exactly what the stars were up to at that time. For a couple celebrating an anniversary, celebrate the day they met or their wedding date.


These simple black and white designs will work with almost any decor and look sharp on the wall or on a shelf.

A Coloring Book

You can find a Zodiac coloring book for any sign, or you can simply gift your dear one the whole range of the sky. While investing in a coloring book, consider adding to the gift with other gear that will make coloring more fun. You might include

  • colored pencils, pens, markers, and crayons

  • a lap desk

  • a small reading lamp

  • a sharpener for colored pencils

  • a Zodiac tote to manage all their Zodiac art gear


Finally, if you know your coloring book recipient will want to linger and produce the best quality work, consider treating them to a magnifying light to make their work easy to see so they can be proud of the results.


No matter the sign, each has traits that are to be treasured. Your unique friend deserves to be celebrated for what her sign and her experiences have shaped her into. If you have someone in your life who is always ready to check the stars and review their impact, one of the gifts listed above will make them smile no matter what their horoscope has in store for the day!

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