Five Teams Outside Europe that Can Win the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

It has been four years since France won the World Cup against one of the most exciting teams to grace the competition. The 2018 World Cup in Russia gave us some exciting memories where the teams played their hearts out for a chance to lift the most coveted trophy in the sport. After many games, France won the title in a 6-goal thriller in Moscow. 

Four years later, we are gearing up for another epic showdown, and even sportsbooks are already providing odds just like they are doing for MLB odds for next season. So, if you want to get started with betting on the FIFA World Cup, you can check out the different odds and bet lines available now. 

European teams have been winning the competition since 2006, and there is a chance that we will have another winner from Europe. However, looking at the other continents, we think there is a real shot for the other 19 teams from different continents. In that case, here are five teams outside Europe that we think have a shot at winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 


When it comes to the FIFA World Cup, Brazil is a prestigious team. They’ve won the tournament five times, and they are one of the only two countries to win it back-to-back. So, whenever you want to talk about the world cup, you cannot leave out the name of Brazil. Since the start of the competition, Brazil hasn’t missed one, making them the only team to appear in every world cup competition.

As a result, if there is any team outside of Europe with a good chance of winning, it is Brazil. Aside from the prestige and history, the team is currently filled with incredible talents, so it would be difficult for the coach to pick the team to go to the tournament in Qatar. In that case, we believe they are well-equipped to win. They will make a good team to back at a top sportsbook like BetUS.


Another incredible team from South America that can snatch the title and has even done it before in Argentina. The country has won the FIFA World Cup twice and has an incredible history in the competition. Recently, the team made it to the final, although a more organized team edged them out.

We expect them to want to recreate 2014 and, this time, win the competition. Therefore, they are one of the teams outside of Europe that we believe would have the chance to win the FIFA World Cup trophy in Qatar. And with Messi in their ranks, they have a formidable player that can do wonders. 


Although no team outside South America and Europe has won the world cup, we think that Senegal will be at the top of the list if there is any team from Africa or other continents. The reason is that they are currently on an incredible run of form, and the team is filled with top-notch talents that can get the job done. 

A good option when you want to back an underdog at the world cup while better at any top sports betting site like BetUS. We’ve seen what the team can do together, and most people will argue that African teams cannot compete on the biggest stage. But we don’t believe that; we think Senegal can go far, and if any team outside of S. America or Europe won it, it would be the Lions of Teranga. 


Like their South American counterparts, Uruguay is an excellent team that has gotten close to winning this tournament. Although they’ve not been very fortunate, we think they are part of the teams that can win it if we’re looking outside Europe. They have a strong team that can beat any top side.

Although age is not on their side anymore, Uruguay can still do a lot in this coming FIFA World Cup. We would love to see how far they go, and they will certainly be part of our pick to reach the latter stages of the event. They can even go on to enter the last four as they did in 2010, 


The North American nation is also a formidable name in this tournament. They’ve had many stints and classic runs that are memorable. However, they haven’t been able to win the competition over the years. But if we are looking at a team that can win the World Cup outside of Europe, we believe they are part. 

The team has always been a stubborn side that many top teams struggle against, especially in this competition. They were giant slayers in the 2014 FIFA World Cup competition, and in 2010, they had an exciting run where they showed how good they could get. So, we believe they have a good shot at winning. 

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