5 Exercises To Try Before Going To The Chiropractor

Exercising should be a part of your daily routine to promote good health. Regular exercise helps to improve blood circulation, encourages weight loss, and aids in pain relief.


It would help if you exercised to remain healthy, but exercise plays a significant role in removing or reducing chronic pain. Pain can occur because of a fall, being involved in a vehicular accident, improper lifting of heavy objects, or as a result of some other comorbidity.


You can treat your pain by engaging in exercises designed to give relief and promote better health. The severity of your condition should determine if you can exercise independently or if you need to be guided by a health professional. Here are five exercises you can try before going to see the chiropractor.

Partial Crunches Provide Pain Relief

Back pain is a debilitating condition that prevents you from maintaining good posture and can put a severe strain on your entire body. Partial stomach crunches strengthen the lower back and stomach muscles. These steps will guide you in maximizing the benefits of this exercise routine.


· Spread your exercise mat and lie flat on your back


· Make sure your feet are flat and bend your knees


· Place hands behind your head


· Slowly raise your shoulders from the floor while exhaling


· Maintain this posture for a second and then lower yourself to the floor


· Repeat the process several times and keep your feet and lower back firmly on the floor


You will still need special care if you have chronic back pain. Excellent services are available at Chiropractor Morrow Ga.

Lift Some Weights

Weightlifting, if done correctly, can provide support for the entire body and strengthen the lower back and muscles. However, weightlifting is a strenuous activity, and you should only consider lifting weights after consultations with your doctor.

Rotate Your Neck

Stiffness in your neck is common, especially as you get older, and maybe due to an arthritic condition. You can relieve your neck pain by:


· Sitting on a chair and straightening your back and shoulders


· Gently turn your head to the extreme left without aggravating the pain


· Maintain this form for a few seconds and then bring back your head to its normal position


· Repeat this motion to the right


· Refrain from executing a complete neck turn if this causes severe pain

Stretch Your Ham String

Hamstrings are tendons at the back of the thigh and are highly prone to severe strain or injury, especially among athletes. Hamstring injuries can range from mild to severe. Severe injuries can cause you to be incapacitated for several months while the healing process takes place. If you are experiencing a hamstring injury, try these pain relief exercises.


· Lie on your back in an open doorway with your good leg flat on the floor


· Your leg should be between the space in the open doorway


· Slowly slide your injured leg up the wall and straighten your knee


· Maintain the stretch for a minute and then prolong the action for a few more minutes

Try the Half Squat

Arthritis is a degenerative muscle condition that affects over 23 million American adults. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis affect the joints and muscles, resulting in severe pain and difficulty in maneuvering the affected body parts like the knees. 


Exercising arthritic knees will improve shock absorbance, strengthen weakened muscles and make the joints more supple. The half squat exercise will strengthen your back and front thigh muscles and your glutes, which are the three muscles in your buttocks. You do the half squat by:


· Standing with your feet apart while stretching your arms in front of you.


· Slowly flex your knees until you’re in a partial sitting position. If needed, Hold on to a piece of furniture for balance.


· Straighten your back and lift your chest — don’t lean forward


· Have your feet on the floor and maintain the squat for a few seconds, then slowly Repeat this activity several times


While exercise is recommended and sanctioned by health professionals to relieve painful conditions, you must take all the precautionary measures to prevent exacerbating your situation. Your aim to eliminate or reduce your pain, not to make it worse. Follow the recommended steps for your exercise routine. Seek advice from your medical practitioner before undertaking any form of exercise.


5 Exercises To Try Before Going To The Chiropractor

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