7 Essentials For Your Next Camping Trip

Spending a few days outdoors enjoying the beautiful environment can be a fun adventure. However, before you start on that journey, preparation should come first. Going on a camping trip requires some essentials that will make your experience worthwhile and restful. Unlike vacations, camping trips require careful planning since you cannot buy your supplies in the wilderness if you forget them. You will have to ignore them and carry on with your trip; therefore, you must double-check your checklist and ensure you have everything you will need packed.

1. Tent

Sleeping under the stars might be a good idea, but it is vital to have an emergency tent if you need it, especially if you are in the wilderness. Also, you may encounter harsh weather such as snowstorms, heavy dew that may make you catch a cold if you get drenched. A tent will shield you from winds, bugs, and any other thing that may cut your night short. When carrying the tent, also remember to take all its necessary accessories, if any.

2. Clothes

For camping and outdoor clothes, choose the lightweight ones that can dry out fast in case of moisture so you can reuse them during your trip instead of carrying many clothes. Heavy clothes will only fill your luggage bag. Some clothes that are a must-carry include:

  • Raincoat and breathable jacket

  • Warm socks

  • Hiking boots

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Long-sleeved shirts and pants for the chilly nights

3. Toiletries and First Aid

Toiletries are a necessity in case of cuts, hygiene purposes, and bug bites. If you are only making a one-day camping trip, leave the toiletries behind since it may not be a must for you to shower. However, this is not mean that you cannot stay clean. If you don’t shower, you can use a body wipe and a deodorant to smell fresh and stay clean. Some toiletries that should be in your camping bag include bug spray, sunscreen, and a first aid kit.

4. Trackers

A GPS Tracking device is a must-have for a family camping trip. A tracker will allow everyone to keep track of the family members while engaging in their outdoor adventure. You will track their exact location and also communicate without the worry of getting lost.

5. Water Bottle and Filter

If you are hiking to a place with sufficient water, you may decide to leave the water bottles and filters at home. However, you may not know the condition of the water bodies near your camp. Some of them may not have clean water that’s safe for drinking. So you may need a water bottle with a filter to filter out the gunk and bacteria. You may also prefer to carry purification tablets instead. The choice is yours.

6. Firestarter, Flashlight, and Headlamps

Campfire is essential during frosty nights. You also need fire if you will cook or roasting anything. Don’t forget to carry a fire starter to get you started. If you choose to bring matches, ensure they are waterproof so that they don’t get dumped during the trip, and you are forced to stay in the chilly nights without something to keep you warm. You can carry two fire starters in case one of them fails. You will also need some strips of dry paper or dry barks in a waterproof jar to start your fire. The wood may damp and unsuitable for starting a fire during wet seasons.

Although a campfire will provide you with some lighting, you cannot move the fire if you navigate the woods at night or go to the bathroom. So, you will need a flashlight or a headlamp to carry with you when you are on the move in the dark. The best option for lighting would be a headlamp as it has hands-free functionality.

7. Food and Cooking Equipment

Bring some kitchen essentials if you will cook during the camp. You can choose to keep cooking at a minimum and only do so, when necessary, by carrying dry foods and snacks in a food bag. However, if you want to cook and clean up after, here are some essentials you may need.

Cooking pots

Eating utensils including plates, cups, and bowls

Cutting board

Charcoal or grill

Bottle opener

Garbage paper

Final Thought


What you carry for your trip depends on the type of trip you will go for. You may choose not to bring some items to the comprehensive list. Camping is a great idea but remembers, preparation before you go for that camp is necessary to enjoy your camping stress-free.

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