MevoLife’s Virtual Core Services: The Smarter Way to Setup and Grow your Health and Fitness business

MevoLife is a promising Online Live Video Conferencing & Virtual Sessions Platform. Slated to go live in the next few weeks, it would double up as a Marketplace for professionals and users seeking Health, Fitness, Healthcare, Wellness & Lifestyle services.

Professionals can make use of tailor-made Software (or CRM) to launch, grow, and monetize their presence online. Users can search for and interact with a Professional of their choice through an app-based interface.

1.       Virtual Health Services (for Users)

The Virtual Health Services are geared towards the Users who are looking to avail of on-demand, quality-centric, and qualified professional services. It acts as a platform for health services where one can receive Online Fitness, Online Healthcare, Online Lifestyle, and Online Wellness services.

They can all be availed of using the MevoLife app, even when the user is on the go. The USP of these services is that you can talk to the best experts worldwide to avail of consultation at a fraction of the price of your local service providers.

There is no need to book appointments, or to wait in lines, or to do any paperwork too- you would get one-click access to every service on the app itself!

2.       Virtual Core Service (for Professionals)

Owing to the current pandemic times, people are looking for alternative contactless solutions that offer significantly better experiences. This relates to their fitness, health, lifestyle, and wellness concerns. The missing link between a Client and his experience is a qualified Professional who can deliver quality results.

MevoLife Virtual Core Service is a smart software that helps qualified Professionals to expand their professional footprint and to grow their business across geographical boundaries. This result-oriented smart tool is meant for Fitness, Healthcare, Wellness, and Lifestyle experts.

MevoLife Virtual Core Service: Benefits

It provides six class-leading benefits, as under:

1.       Live Video Meetings

2.       Online Group Sessions

3.       Virtual Preset Sessions

4.       Software CRM Tools

5.       Access to Marketplace

6.       Corporate Services Program

MevoLife Virtual Core Service: Features

MevoLife’s Virtual Core comprises a CRM, an Admin Portal & App, and a Client-Side App. These strategically-aligned smart tools are here to help you take your services online and to help you take a decisive lead over your competitors.

MevoLife’s software offers you the much-needed flexibility to address millions of potential clients worldwide and offer your consulting experiences from virtually anywhere. It is available for Android- and iOS-based smartphones and PCs, and it works on the go too!

Here’s what you can expect from its diversified list of features:

·         Live Video Conferencing & Management Software

·         Virtual Program Builders and Management Software

·         Client Progress Tracking & Management Software

·         Appointment Booking & Management Software

·         Billing & Payments Management Software

·         Robust Client Profile Management Software

·         Business Email, Notifications & Push Alerts Software

·         Communication Desk and Chat Support Software

·         Business Promotion & Marketing Software

·         Customer Loyalty Rewards Points Software

·         Social Channels & Client Rating Software

·         MevoFit Health & Fitness App Software for Clients

As a professional, you could enjoy a seamless experience of several business-oriented capabilities at your fingertips to get a unified advantage in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

You can start today as an Early Adopter!

(and get exciting benefits when you signup)

Even though the release date of MevoLife’s Virtual Core Services is undisclosed, it has already stirred the market up due to its immense strategic benefits. The company is thus inviting you to sign up now and to take your seat before it gets too rushy.

By being an Early Adopter, you would get the following advantages:

Ø  4 months of free SERVE plan

Ø  Upgradation to PRO plan if opted in these 4 months

Ø  More discounts and freebies

Ø  Better visibility and more clients

Ø  Enhanced personalized promotions

And a lot more!

About MevoLife

MevoLife represents the coming together of a next-age idea that benefits the entire ecosystem comprising Users and Professionals alike. It is a new and promising venture of MevoFit, a prominent fitness and lifestyle brand based in India and the US.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of MevoFit by Times Internet’s Spotlight team

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