8 Friendly Ways To Boost Your Online Presence On Instagram

Instagram ruins people’s minds all over the world with its exciting features for sharing photos and videos. It helps people share their memories with their friends and gives a fantastic opportunity for businesses to prove their own identity for their brand. As we all know, Instagram is the fastest-growing social media network. By grabbing audiences’ attention, it has quickly gained one billion active users within a short period of 10 years.


There are already two million advertisers and 25 million active business profiles on Instagram, indicating their popularity. Use the correct marketing strategy for your Instagram account to drive this massive traffic. Gain the online presence for your Instagram account by giving posts according to your audience’s interest and get likes, comments, and shares. Instagram engagement is the key tool to achieve an online presence. 


The Instagram algorithm needs the proper marketing plan to keep you on this platform. Follow the below engaging ways to show your brand presence on Instagram with your exciting content.

#1. Optimize Your Content

The only way to catch audiences’ eyeballs is by publishing attractive, engaging, and clear content. Since Instagram provides many tools to finetune your photos and videos, use those filters to get a perfect look for your photos and videos. But make sure that it should be natural for the audience’s view. People will give attention to content only if it looks original and natural.


The background color also plays a vital role in attracting audiences. The recent research by the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science lab of MIT found that the reddish display tones will have more power than the greenish or bluish tones. Your popularity increases if you give content what your audiences or followers like the most. 

#2. Maintain Frequency In Posting

The primary key to success on any other social media is by maintaining consistency. The term consistency means that you should stick to a particular goal and make all contents accordingly. Consistency shows your ability and your online presence for your followers. If your content looks interesting with unique ideas, it helps more target audiences to visit your Instagram page. Build recognition of your brand by delivering original and unique content frequently.


Your Instagram account looks consistent when you post content at least once a day. But your content should stay fresh and relevant. If you want to show your online presence, first, you have to know the active time of your audiences and post your content at that specified time. Instagram helps you with an inbuilt insights tool to find the audience’s online presence. When more people see your content frequently, they may create an increase in engagement rate.

#3. Draw Attention By Posting On Stories

When we talk about engagement and online presence, it is hard to skip Instagram stories. Since it appears on top of your follower’s feed, they can easily access stories. If any of your audiences do not know you, stories remain a great tool to know who you are and what you do on Instagram. More than 500 million stories are being uploaded on Instagram daily.


Though the content is temporary, people show interest in watching it and provide real Instagram story views by your potential followers. You can interact with your audiences directly through stories because they can simply swipe up the stories to leave messages. If you want to increase engagement rate, then use stickers such as Question, Quiz, Countdown, Poll type, Location, and Music stickers and gather many followers to your account.

#4. Reply To Comments Immediately

Responding to your audience’s comments is vital to extend the conversation, and the Instagram algorithm pushes your content to the top of your follower’s feed. When your followers often see your post on their feed, your brand will get famous, and your audiences will remember you easily. When you get more comments to your post, Instagram finds your content valuable and makes it visible at the top of the feed.


When you receive comments for your post, reply to them immediately without any delay to prove your presence. You can also make content in a way to encourage followers to respond to you. Do not miss out on any comments, and the response should be given equally to all comments to create trust and also build a good relationship with them. If you found replying for more comments, simply hit the like button to show your presence. Your response to your existing followers will tempt your target audiences to follow you.

#5. Appear On Live

Instagram Live gives you an excellent opportunity to interact with your followers and create a good relationship with brand trust. When you appear to live, people will know about you, and you can use this feature to show your product. Explain the features of your product and business to build strong trust. The connection between you and your followers will get strengthened if they believe you live. 


Intimate your live time to audiences through stories and ask them to get ready to interact with you. The way of interaction will be the best through live because your followers will get a chance to see you and your products. When you start to live, your followers will get a notification, and they may join your live if you wish. While watching your live, your audiences can leave comments instantly, and you can reply to them immediately by showing your presence.

#6. Hashtag Usage In Your Content

Hashtags are an essential tool for making your content visible to plenty of audiences. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to a single post. But limiting yourself to six to eight hashtags will be sufficient to grab audience attention. When you use plenty of hashtags, people may unfollow you. Choosing a relevant hashtag that suits your content is essential. When you use hashtags that are irrelevant to your content, your audiences will get irritated. 


A great way to reach your target audiences is by using the correct hashtags. There are different tools for getting hashtags. If you find difficulty in searching those tags, Instagram provides an inbuilt option. Type the relevant keyword on the search tab, and you will find the list of hashtags provided with the number of posts. It helps to expand your brand among your target audience. 

#7. Show Your Presence On Instagram Community

Instagram provides a great way to interact with audiences and build a community for your brand. Go out of your Instagram account to gather a community for your business. When you gain the support of various accounts, you can use them for your future plan. Join Instagram groups and interact with those audiences with valuable points to show your presence. Give your support to all favorite accounts in their hard times. Then it will create a positive vibe against you, and they will help in your tough times.


Collaborate with influencers and gain benefits from gathering audiences. You can build a good relationship with them and get suggestions regarding the content to attract your audiences. Invest your hard work, dedication, and time to become Insta-sensation by showing your online presence.

#8. Engage With Accounts Similar To Your Niche

When you post your content on Instagram, take some time to view the accounts similar to your niche. Start engaging with their content by leaving comments and suggestions. Increase your interaction with them and maintain an excellent relationship to gather suggestions. 


The vital rule on Instagram is engaging yourself on other accounts will automatically create engagement for your account. When you interact with others related to your industry, many new target audiences will get a chance to see you and your profile. When you engage higher, your account will be visible to more target audiences and see your content on your feed. If you have consistent content on your feed with exciting concepts, your target audiences will convert as your potential followers.

Bottom Line

The great medium to engage audiences only with your exciting content is on Instagram. Show your online presence by maintaining consistency in your Instagram feed with excellent content. Boost your engagement rate first with your content and maintain the same feel on every post. Implement the above tactics to keep your audience interested in your account and maintain an online presence. Post content per day to improve your audience’s engagement. 


Make changes in your Instagram account and keep growing using your unique skill and creativity!




Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.

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