What To Do When I Want To Sell My Old Beater Car

Needless to say, your car has seen better days. In fact, those days may have been years ago. Today, it has taken on the look of a beater.

It’s been a reliable car to you; however, you’re ready to get rid of it and try for something else. Rather than leave it in the junkyard, you decide to sell it. However, you’re not sure how to go about it.

Here are a few tips to guide you through the process.

Clean It Up

It’s status as a beater car doesn’t mean it needs to be filthy. Plus, you won’t get anyone to buy it if it’s dirty inside and out. To start the process, give it a good cleaning. At least the best you can provide in its state.

Generally, make sure it gets a good wash. On the inside, give it a thorough vacuum and wipe down. Also, remove the trash that has accumulated in the corners and under the seats. When you’re done, your beater will probably look better than it once did.

Find Its Value

Though it seems like it won’t garner any sales, your vehicle still has value. You want to know what it is before you put it up for sale. For this, you need to go to a site like or Kelly Blue Book (

These locations allow you to enter the car’s make & model, mileage, and what it does or doesn’t have. From that information, they provide you with an estimated value of the vehicle. This can be taken to a dealership for verification. Or you can keep it if you intend to sell it yourself.

Obtain A Carfax Report

Another item you want to obtain is a Carfax report. This is a document that details several things. One is a verification of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Another is if it’s part of any criminal investigations or repossessions.

The Carfax report also details all accidents and repairs the car has had over the years. Like the cost estimate, this document can be used to determine the car’s worth.

Determine The Selling Process

There are a few ways you can go to sell your car. The first is through a dealer. If it’s a beater, they might give you the lowest estimated price for the vehicle.

The other way to sell it is on your own. You can do this through Craigslist or another vehicle-selling site. This is both a good and a bad way to sell your car. On the one hand, you can set the price and negotiate where needed. On the other hand, you’re susceptible to fraud from the buyer.

Donate Instead Of Sell

If this seems like too much, or you feel you won’t get the value you desire for your vehicle, then you can donate it to a charity. A quick internet search of “how to get rid of a car” will find you the right answer.

They take it off your hands, evaluate it, then provide an estimated value. The document they provide can be used to deduct the sale of the vehicle from your taxes. Overall, while it doesn’t immediately put money in your pocket, it should help reduce the amount of taxes you owe.

You have a tough choice on your hands. Do you do all the work to sell the car, or do you call an organization that takes it as a donation? The best way to know is to research both options. If you find that the donation provides a higher value, then select it. However, if you see similar beater cars getting the value you desire, head in that direction.

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