Ways to Expand Your Startup Business Online Presence

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The year 2020 has taught us that you do not need to be physically in a place to buy or work. Remote working and shopping are slowly becoming a trend. As a new startup, you need to keep up with the consumer’s shifting trends. Recent statistics reveal that more than 90% of consumers search for a business online before deciding which brand to buy. As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to miss the great opportunity that an online presence provides. Here are some valuable insights on how to expand your online presence for your new startup enterprise.

1. Create An Online Presence

Studies reveal that an individual spends an average of four hours on digital activities daily. The first step to maximizing digital platforms is to create an online presence. Open social media accounts for your business on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Such avenues facilitate interaction with potential clients.

Alternatively, you can decide to set up a website. It would be wise first to inquire how much does a website cost before diving into website creation. It would be prudent if you sought professional IT help in the website creation process. Identify a team that resonates with what your company stands for and your brand. The latter aids in creating a website that will perfectly suit your business needs.

2. Define Your Brand

Narrowing your market niche makes your business more approachable. A customer will search for what they specifically need. Therefore, it is your responsibility to put your brand out there in the digital space. Sell what you are before actually selling your product to the client. An impeccable website and insightful social media accounts is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Another technique is product marketing. Invest in quality photos of your product, seek professional help from social media managers, and have interactive socials.

3. Create Relatable Content

The next step is the creation of relatable content. Identify what your consumer needs and what relates to them. Find a way to link back the content to your product. If you can manage to hack this, you will find that the numbers on your socials will significantly increase, and so will the sale of your products. Look for different ideas to be unique and distinct.

4. Optimize SEO

Search engine optimization is a fantastic tool to expand the online presence of your business. Be intentional in what you put out as content. The use of keywords in content creation ensures that your website remains at the top of the search results. Incorporate internal and external links to the articles that you publish. The latter builds credibility to your business. Set out educational but fun content. Lastly, ensure that the URL to your website loads quickly.

5. Be Active

Update your socials regularly. Note that an inactive social media is equivalent to a dead business. Therefore, ensure that you and your team are engaging your followers and subscribers in conversations that matter. Avoid click-bait content because as much as it may seem productive at first, it is often futile in the long run.

6. Online Advertising

Embrace online advertising. Ads often show up when one scrolls through their social media. More often, what shows up on your timeline is related to what a consumer is searching for. It will help your business if you are the Ad that pops up to potential clients. Before advertising online, select the content that you want to be promoted. Additionally, it would be commendable if you chose an avenue that reaches out to the target population. Note that timing is crucial when it comes to online advertising.

Alternatively, you can decide to use influencer marketing. This type of marketing is more individualized as influencers offer their review, hoping that their following will purchase your product. However, influencer marketing may be a bit expensive, depending on the influencer and their rate card. Despite all these facts, influencer marketing has proven fruitful for many small businesses aspiring to create and expand their online presence.


The above-listed marketing strategies will build your online presence, create brand awareness of your product, and develop strong relations with your target market. All you have to do is take the first step for your business and create a relatable digital platform.

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