Stunning blake lively formal dress

If you’re familiar with Blake Lively, then you’ll know how influential she is in the fashion industry for wearing formal dresses to virtually every event she attends. She’s experimented with so many different designs and colors, we just can’t keep count of everything she has worn throughout her career so far! Her dresses are always stunning, and we love them, but what happens if you want to take some inspiration from her and apply it to your own life events. You may not be walking red carpets or attending the Golden Globe Awards, but you should feel like a princess whenever you’re going anywhere special. From your own 21st birthday party to a college prom, you want to feel and look your best!

With this in mind, we’ve compiled some Blake Lively inspiration for you. The JJ’s House designer, Jessica, has also given you some advice for putting together the ultimate outfit that we’ve placed at the end of this article. So, if you’re wanting to feel beautiful but don’t know how to accessorize correctly, we have your solution right here!

Plain and Simple

Formal dresses don’t have to be super extravagant, they can be plain and simple yet show your classy side too. Blake regularly rocks a simpler design when she’s walking down the red carpet, from dark burgundy colors to bolder and brighter colors like yellow and purple.

Your outfit doesn’t have to be ‘out-there’ and different to be beautiful. It’s about how you wear the dress and how it flatters your figure. You may want to opt for a style like this if you don’t like to stand out from the crowd and would rather get a few lovely compliments rather than lots of unwanted attention. Whatever you like better should be what you opt for! Plain and simple is often seen as bad but it’s an excellent option for many people including the queen herself, Blake Lively. 

Lace and Frills

If you’re wanting something fit for a princess, a lacey number might be the best way to go! Anything with some frills and lace makes your outfit look even better than before. Lace looks stunning when it’s on a formal dress so why would you want to try anything else? It’s a traditional style, but Blake regularly gives this style a modern twist pairing her dress with bold accessories and some beautiful shoes. What is even better is that you can have any colored dress with lace and it will look amazing, from darker colors to those that are a little unique – everything goes well and allows you to feel your best. 

High Neck Style

There aren’t many film stars who could pull of a high neck style dress, but Blake Lively is one in a million. She is always walking the red carpet and attending events wearing this style, and we absolutely love it! She’s worn everything high-necked, we have only lost count. From cut-out styles to lacey dresses and everything in between. The high neck designs often come with long sleeves, so they’re ideal for the winter season, but there are a select few that aren’t. It’s personal preference which style you choose. 

JJ’s House designer, Jessica, has some advice for putting together the best outfit when you’re attending a special event – “I would always suggest everyone accessorizes properly! The dress is obviously important, but if you’re wearing the wrong necklace or shoes, then it can ruin your whole look. Think about every aspect of your outfit, and then you’re sure to impress!” and we definitely agree.

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