How Essay Writing Impacts Your Mental Health

Students from different parts of the globe face some common challenges. One of such is to write research papers. There are lots of academic papers and essay is one of the most popular. It is needed to define their current level and make some improvements if necessary. In meanwhile, essay writing is tightly related to mental health.

Academic writing causes a lot of stress. Many students are afraid to fail miserably. They need high grades and the failure brings great anxiety and mental pressure. Nonetheless, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Essay writing likewise positively impacts our mental health.

Multiple studies prove that academic writing:

  • Prevents stress and anxiety;
  • Allows connecting to other people;
  • Empowers thoughts on the paper;
  • Helps to understand yourself;

These points are actually important. We will review them in greater details.

Point #1

Many people experience great difficulties when they try to express their inner feelings while they speak. Some of them are too shy. The others may require some time to clarify their thoughts properly. Writing perfectly suits these reasons.

Nobody will immediately judge you and you will have enough time to explain what you mean. This takes off a lot of pressure. It is good to write essays that have free topics. For example, it’s good to compose a personal statement or descriptive essays. You are free to choose any topic and cover it without any searching for proofs and evidence. This is a subjective, deeply personal attitude towards a term, people, events, and other things that are interesting and important to you.

Many psychologists also recommend expressive writing. This kind of writing is not academic and won’t be included in your curriculum. Nonetheless, it helps to train and improve writing skills and comprehension. It has no borders. You are welcome to write whatever occurs to your mind.

Expressive writing exists in a form of journaling. You simply put on the paper things that happened to you during a day or week and your feelings about those events. This relieves from inner mental pressure because you can simply pour out the negativism and fears on the paper and no one will know that. You may write without paying much attention to grammar and style. Within time, you’ll find your own style and will correct common grammar and spelling mistakes. Consequently, you will improve your academic writing as well.

Point #2

Essay writing is especially useful for shy people who experience troubles with communication with others. A person may fear to talk with strangers or give speeches even before his/her own class. Thanks to writing, a person has more time to plan how to respond and react to different situations.

Thus, you may outline your speeches. Give a logical sequence of actions. A decent plan will help to prepare a good speech. It likewise helps to get in touch with other people. Imagine all the problematic situations when you had had problems with your friends and acquaintances. Think about why you failed to connect and write about ways you can overcome and avoid these situations. Afterward, follow the plan and succeed.

Point #3

As you write, you improve writing skills. The more you write the better it gets. Therefore, continuous practice helps to become a better writer. This is a 2-in-1 capability. You steadily improve your writing and put off stress. Write on a daily basis. Even if you have no academic task, practice expressive writing.

When you write academic assignments, such as essays, you’re to conduct research. Your creative writing is expected to be impressive and meaningful. You should gather the evidence and prove your theory with appropriate examples. This strengthens and enlarges your knowledge. Simultaneously, it makes you more self-confident because you learn new interesting and helpful things, which can be used in real life situations.

Point #4

Finally, when you write different essays you understand yourself much better. Bit by bit you learn something new about your own persona. Different essays have different purposes. Not all of them show the level of writing competence and skills. Many of them are self-reflective and help students to understand what forms their worldviews, what were the most impactful events in their life and what people mean a lot to them. They analyze those things and find understanding. 

How to Plan Essay Writing for Your Advantage

As you can see, essay writing is actually helpful and positively reflects on your mental health. Of course, you should know how to write. We wish to provide information about how to properly plan the writing process. 

Stick to the following rules:

  • Write at least four consecutive days.
  • Devote not less than 20 minutes each day.
  • Choose different essay types.
  • Choose any topic that is interesting and important to you.
  • Don’t worry about grammar, sentence structure, style, and language. You’ll fix all the drawbacks later.
  • Write when you feel enthusiastic. Avoid a bad mood.
  • Write in a place that makes you feel happy and relaxed.
  • Reread your texts and analyze the progress.

We advise following these rules. They help to develop a habit to write every day. Do not give heed to possible mistakes. Remember that your task number one is to reach a better understanding of your own feelings. Thus, you can identify and overcome your greatest troubles with a professional essay writing service which cares about papers 24/7. This will lessen stress and will help to get along with other folks.

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