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How to Make the Most of Live Entertainment Options in the Current Climate

Social distancing and virus risk aversion are becoming common themes for discussion and affect how we view our current entertainment options. There is a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty related to going out and live entertainment options. Here’s how to make the most of these entertainment options and ensure that you are ready and prepared to live your life to the fullest. Going out under the new normal conditions of socializing is about doing things slightly differently rather than not going out at all. 

Plan to go out

It’s accepted that if you plan and book early that you are more likely to attend the event, so buy those theatre tickets as soon as you know that you’re available on the date. You then can’t find an excuse not to go as you’ve already spent the money. It’s also in the planning that you will be able to determine any changes or risks that you need to be aware of.

Find out about any restrictions

Communicating with the venue prior to your arrival is key to avoiding any disappointment. Socializing criteria are constantly changing, and as such, it’s best to find out with due notice as to what is required and then be prepared. Do you need to have been tested and vaccinated? Is a mask mandatory? These are simple questions and yet can avoid a great deal of disappointment, as mentioned. No one wants to be turned away at the door because of something that you could have quite easily prepared for.

Be prepared to go further afield

You may have to travel a little further than you would normally have done in the past, but the aim is to avoid the bigger crowds and look for smaller gatherings and more niche activities. Don’t forgo music festivals altogether, simply look for those that have better health risk mitigating measures in place and have clearly stated how they intend to include social distancing and relayed measures for the event. There are also more niche farmer markets and an entire rural landscape to visit, and you simply have to get out there.

Look outdoors

Festivals and markets that are outdoor are a fantastic entertainment option for the whole family and are by definition a much safer option. It’s a positive change to how we will interact and entertain ourselves moving forward, and spending more time outdoors will prove to have far-reaching health and wellbeing benefits. Most of the live entertainment options that we have become used to may have been in closed arenas and packed to the gills. This has changed, and for those who prefer their personal space, this has been a welcome change in the way we will access and enjoy live entertainment, events, and shows.

Things may have changed, and the entertainment and hospitality sector may seem to be in constant flux. This article provides some insights as to family entertainment and outings that will make you better prepared and less anxious about a family outing or time spent with friends.

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