5 Essential Steps to Take After Your Engagement

If your other half has recently popped the question, you’re likely experiencing various emotions, from sheer excitement to a touch of anxiety. As your engagement is one of the most memorable moments of your life, you must soak it all up as much as possible. 

However, you mustn’t overlook some key tasks to ensure you don’t upset your loved ones and avoid potential stress. Check out these five essential steps to take after your engagement.

Step 1: Call Your Loved Ones First

As eager as you might be to share your beautiful engagement ring with the whole world, you must call your loved ones first. Your friends and family will not appreciate learning the news from social media. 

Instead, share the happy news with your family and friends first, and only post an engagement photo or video once your loved ones are in the loop. It can stop you from upsetting those closest to you and prevent disappointment or arguments that will cast a shadow over this happy time in your life.

Step 2: Organize a Manicure

You can guarantee everyone in your life will want to see your engagement ring after a proposal. However, your unloved nails might prevent you from showing it off to your nearest and dearest or on social media. To celebrate the moment with a photo, organize a professional manicure to ensure your nails appear clean and attractive, which will complement your beautiful ring.

Step 3: Resize Your Ring

Unless your partner knows your ring size, they might have guessed it when picking the perfect sparkler for your finger. If your engagement ring is too loose or small, take it along to a reputable jeweler for resizing. It will ensure your prized possession doesn’t fall off and get lost.

Step 4: Talk About Your Wedding Budget

Before you set your heart on various wedding ideas, sit down with your partner to discuss your wedding budget. If you don’t have savings available right now, it might be a wise idea to plan a long engagement to make your big-day dreams a reality. While you might want to marry your spouse as soon as possible, waiting a little longer could help you create the wedding of your dreams and ensure you have zero regrets.

Browse the different venues and packages available near you to learn about prices and the value you will receive for your money. It may even help to visit beautiful wedding venues to discuss packages and dates, which will help you identify a realistic budget for your wants and needs.

Step 5: Open a Wedding Savings AccountOnce you have a firm understanding of your budget, you and your partner would be wise to open a wedding savings account. It will separate the money from your personal finances, which will prevent confusion or financial mistakes. Also, you will have a firm understanding of the exact amount you have saved so far and how much more money you must accumulate to pay for your big day.

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