How to Become a Successful Travel Writer

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One of the most exciting and rewarding careers or hobbies is in the field of travel writing. Once you build a large enough following, you can turn this into a lucrative venture. The biggest hurdle is simply getting started in your journey. Here are five ways that you can become a successful travel writer.

Take Good Notes

Even if you have a great memory, it can be difficult to remember details when you are enjoying so many new experiences each day on your trip. The best travel writers have perfected a note-taking system that works for them. You may have to experiment a bit before you find a system that works well for you.


In addition to your own personal notes, you will find it helpful to gather brochures and other mementos that may help you to jog your memory. Cataloging the important details will also help you to more efficiently organize your writing when you finally get the chance to put your thoughts down on paper.

Write While the Memories Are Still Fresh

While it is a good idea to spend some time reflecting on what you saw and experienced as you travel the world, you also need to be diligent about sitting down to write while the memories are still fresh in your mind. Even the best notes are not a substitute for what you can readily recall.


Try to remember more than just the logistical details that your readers may need to know. You also want to reflect on how the place made you feel. These are the kind of thoughts that are best recorded when the memories are still new and alive.

Mix Up Your Destinations

You will be more successful in crafting your trade if you are intentional about mixing up your destinations. Instead of traveling to the same big city spots, be purposeful about also hitting up some more rural landscapes. This will help you to expose your mind to a variety of travel destinations, giving you more to work within your writing.


For example, while the sights and sounds of New York City certainly provide a host of fodder for your travel musings, you will also find value in visiting a more pastoral setting. The calm and pristine backdrop of Lake Claiborne State Park delivers a stunning natural setting to serve as your muse for your travel writings. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box when choosing your locations.

Determine a Niche

Savvy travel writers have identified a specific niche that suits their talents. This can often be the most challenging element for writers just getting started. Do you want your travel writing to focus on practical tips or do you want it to envelop a more emotional and cerebral tone?


Likewise, do you want your writing to focus on a particular area of the world, or do you want to be a go-to shop for all types of destinations? Understanding your niche and expanding on that will help you to develop a more loyal following of readers. It is important to choose a genre that appeals to you specifically. Not only will you be better at it, but you will also enjoy writing more if the genre fits your own interests.

Cultivate a Strong Online Presence

In today’s digital world, it is vital that you cultivate a strong online presence for your writing. Although this may seem daunting at first, you will soon get the hang of navigating this part of marketing yourself and your work.


Start with making a profile on the various social media sites. Good choices include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The more that you saturate the space, the faster that you will pile up followers. Be sure to post frequent and engaging content so that your readers stay interested in what you have to say. It is also important that you are approachable and respond to feedback. Making your readers feel a part of your community will help you to grow your audience.


Although it can be intimidating when you first start down the road of travel writing, it will not be long before you are in a groove.


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