5 Ways to Bring Some Personality to Your Brand

5 Ways to Bring Some Personality to Your Brand-ae47b1f5

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Building a successful brand relies on making a connection with your followers. The best way of building that type of bond is by giving your online persona a voice and a character that’s unique and appealing. These tips can help you infuse your brand with a personality that will help you win over social media users.

Tell a Personal Story

While you should never claim someone else’s story as your own, you can ask followers for permission to share their stories. Alternatively, you can share your own story or that of an employee or partner. The goal of sharing stories is to show consumers that their experiences aren’t uncommon. 

The story should connect to your brand or your products in some way without making a hard sell. Instead, you can show how your product made the situation better, or how the outcome might have been different through the use of your products. Just remember that the goal is to make a connection with your followers.

Use Humor Wisely

We’ve all seen brands use humor inappropriately and receive backlash for it, but that doesn’t mean you should never use humor. As long as you use it wisely, humor can help you engage users on an emotional level. As long as you shy away from sensitive topics, humor can help you grow your bond with your followers. If it’s something they find especially funny, they may also share the post with their friends. 

This is the first step in creating a viral post in that it makes it more likely that other users will also share that content on their own timelines. The emotional connection a humorous post can create may last for days or weeks, helping you to maximize your page’s exposure.

Use Pop Culture

If there’s a TV show or film franchise that you like, you can use its popularity to appeal to your followers. An online meme maker can help you craft multimedia that uses nostalgia or current pop culture icons to make a statement or entertain your followers. 

Your followers will connect more deeply with your brand when they share an interest in a past favorite film, show, or character. This will give you a common point of reference that you can build upon, whether you’re deepening the bond with existing followers or attracting new consumers to your brand.

Interact With Your Followers

While showing a sense of humor and an interest in pop culture will help consumers connect with your brand, it’s also important to promote engagement. The best way to do this is by interacting with your followers on a regular basis. You should be responding to comments on your posts and looking for posts in which your brand is tagged. 

Anytime you see your brand tagged in a post, be sure to like, comment, and reshare that post to promote the highest level of interaction. This will encourage that follower and others to interact with your brand more frequently. Consumers look for companies that will respond to their complaints and concerns, so interacting with online users will show that you’re interested in your brand’s relationship with them.

Listen to Feedback

Once you establish a philosophy and core values for your brand, it’s essential to adhere to those principles. Your consumers will rely on those principles and hold you to them. If they feel you’re deviating from your brand’s values or see ways you can improve upon them, they will let you know. While you don’t have to obey your consumers’ demands, you should read feedback and address concerns from time to time. 

If you feel a common complaint has merit and decide to make changes, thank your customers for the suggestion. If you think some feedback isn’t the right thing to do for your company, thank your customers and let them know you’ve decided not to make those changes. Even when you don’t use feedback, acknowledging that you’ve seen it and appreciate the input can let your customers know they have been heard. There are also blogs out there such as the Basis Point, that can provide feedback fr you on marketing techniques. 

Turning social media users into followers requires creating an online brand that others find engaging. You won’t accomplish that goal with a brand voice that doesn’t appeal to users. While your voice should be authoritative, it’s also important to show your followers that there’s a human spirit behind your brand. This will endear your brand to far more consumers.


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