You Need This Curbside Pickup Service in Your Life

Today’s shopping experience is more versatile and adaptable than ever. A creative and innovative way that companies can keep their doors open while still keeping customers like you safe is through offering curbside pickup. Curbside pickup provides many advantages, mainly that you would be protecting large groups of people who can not get inside stores, and it also takes care of those huge lines you have to stand when the capacity inside is too high.

The newest and biggest thing right now is grocery chains that offer outdoor parcel robots. They look like storage containers, but what they are is a self-service, automated pickup point that can store your orders (including perishable foods) and completely change the way you grocery shop. They are ultimately cheaper and more convenient than shopping in the store. They may provide a future model for sustainability.

No More Delivery Fees

Let’s face it, half the time, we don’t opt to do a home food delivery because we usually end up with a delivery fee, on top of what you end up tipping the delivery driver. 

Picking up from an outdoor parcel, the bot offers the best of both worlds. You also avoid the risk of all your items being damaged, spilled, or otherwise compromised in the delivery process. Many businesses would rather cut out having to use an outside company to deliver their products to the customers, which is a good reason. You also eliminate the risk of mistakes being made on your order, and you can ensure that you’re getting exactly what you asked for and exactly what you paid for.

Put the Convenience Back in Convenience Stores

The thing that would make the most significant difference when it comes to curbside pickup is convenience. 80% of shoppers said they’re more likely to frequently patronize stores that offer a range of convenient, flexible delivery options. With outdoor parcel robot models like the Cleveron 501 that seems to be taking off in popularity, the store can combine automation with accessibility. You can be sure that your food will stay as fresh as it would within the store, as each unit typically houses both refrigerated and frozen sections to accommodate all types of goods. 

How does it work? You order the items you want on your phone and pay. Once your order is ready, you will receive a message and a unique confirmation code. When you arrive at the grocery robot, you simply scan the pickup code at the console. The robot brings out the order, and you collect your bags from the crate. And that’s it! No more waiting in checkout lines, no more shopping for food with a mask on, no more tearing your hair out over parking.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

This new trend in curbside pickup is not going anywhere and certainly something to brag to your friends about. Online grocery shopping is only expected to go up, and the movement away from brick and mortar stores is only likely to get more trendy. 

It could point the way to more sustainability too. U.S. grocery stores account for about 10 % of all food waste, making about 43 billion pounds annually. That’s mind-boggling. The fact that this online model is purely an on-demand service gives it the potential to encourage less surplus stock, and thus, less waste. In addition to that, this service affords store chains the ability to place these outdoor parcel robots anywhere it’s convenient and accessible, be it at an outside mall, a college campus, or even in your neighborhood. Soon, we may even see brick and mortar grocery stores as a thing of the past. 

Make sure that you learn everything about the delivery services offered by different companies before deciding which one to order from. The more you understand, the easier it will be for you to choose which provides the best services for your needs.

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