Like fast food, fast fashion has taken over the world. In mass-market stores, collections are updated several times a week, and purchases can be made with one click of the mouse without leaving the apartment. Prices for trendy items are so low that they allow you to update your wardrobe literally every weekend. But the clothes of the mass market are made of synthetics according to the same type of patterns: not only the ecology suffers, but also the style: most things fit well only on mannequins, and one has to forget about individuality. All over the world, more and more people are abandoning fast fashion. Anastasia Orlyanskaya, editor of the Puzzle English educational online service, spoke with French designer and blogger Justine Lecomte about how you can dress stylishly and budget without fast fashion brand.


Scandinavian minimalism, multiplied by French chic, gives a modern, eco-friendly and stylish wardrobe, says Justine Lecomte.
“You can definitely create a wardrobe with less than 40 items, and underwear, shoes and outerwear do not count. The main thing is to focus on timeless things, not trends. And in this case, your clothes will look good no matter what year it is. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that things go together with each other. It’s quite difficult, but it can stop you from shopping and regret later. ”

Timeless garments – classic cuts and quality fabrics – are unlikely to ever go out of style. The sophisticated French style, oriented towards tradition rather than trends, is proof of this.

“The French style is femininity without vulgarity. It is about the attention to detail that makes your look unique. Things that only you can wear with confidence. This is also exactingness – French women are well informed about the quality and cut of clothes, from a young age they learn to work with different types of figure and know how to work with their own. They buy things only if they suit their taste, not because the thing is trending. ”


Colorful scarves, jewelry, watches and bags can completely transform the usual basic wardrobe. Creating new looks with accessories is a fun and creative activity.
“For example,” says Justine Lecomte, “you can wear a white blouse with heels and a matching bag to the office, and in the evening with red lipstick and a statement bracelet. On weekdays – with rolled up sleeves and a light scarf. If you are good at playing with accessories and makeup, people will not even notice that you have the same shirt and you have not changed it. ”


To play with accessories, you need to have a classic basic wardrobe. It should have two pairs of pants, a white blouse, a well-fitting dress, two bags and two pairs of shoes. All things of the capsule wardrobe should be in harmony in color and purpose. Once Donna Koran released a basic collection that has gone down in history. Today, at the shows of Fashion Weeks, you can increasingly see elegant, timeless looks, without provocations and trendy things.
“I think you need about 30 things per season,” says Lecomte, “but some of them can be worn in winter or summer, so I would say less than 60 things. You just need to invest in 10 items per year – and your wardrobe will be as good as new.

I always design things to fit together. And I pay more attention to comfort and mobility than to trends. But I use high quality materials and custom tailoring. You definitely won’t have to choose between good fit and comfort. ”


Buying clothes from local independent designers has a number of benefits. First, it’s nice to know that the clothes are made in your city, not in China or Cambodia. Maybe you can even get to know the designer. Secondly, you will have a unique thing that you are unlikely to see on someone else, and thirdly, local designers value their reputation and most often really do quality things.
“If you are looking for cheap quality clothing, try local brands that are produced in your country and sell without a lot of marketing costs,” recommends Justine, “because otherwise you have to pay those costs included in the price!”


Second hand is now experiencing a second boom. True, online stores of such clothes are now popular. You just need to enter the desired model, color into the search engine and choose. You can find branded jeans and bags, almost new dresses from famous designers at mass market prices. Someone no longer needs them, but for someone they can become a real find. Exchange shops are popular in America. In them, they exchange their clothes for points, for which, with an additional payment, they then acquire what they like.
“Very cheap clothes in second hand stores. An item that has survived 10 years and retained its good quality is worth investing in, ”says Justine Lecomte.


Residents of megalopolises throw away 200 tons of clothing every year. Only a small part of it is recycled. More and more people are abandoning fast fashion because of the environment. It’s amazing that you can spend more money on fast fashion!

“Spending on fast fashion is actually priced higher than buying fewer items. If you invest in better quality, you need to change your clothes less often, ”says Justine. In addition, trends change every six months, which means that clothes look outdated after 6 months – and you will have to make new purchases.
How it used to be

By the way, 50-60 years ago there were only about 9 outfits in the wardrobe of women. Today – more than a hundred. American actress Jane Buchanan tells how fashionistas got out in those days:

“In the summer I had only 7 dresses: two dresses for going out and several dresses and blouses for every day. It was absolutely enough and I didn’t feel like I was missing clothes. I went to drama school and have always been into fashion. I never wore the same dress two days in a row. I wore it the next week.

My mom and I, we both had good taste in clothes and often attended end-season sales. They bought unusual dresses that no one else took, and then altered them at home. We spent a lot of time choosing prints for dresses, I think it was a lot of fun. “

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