Where I come from, I didn’t know if someday I would be able to afford these brands: Kriti Kharbanda – fashion and trends


With around 5 million followers on social media, actor Kriti Kharbanda has bagged movies in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, her latest being Housefull 4. The bubbly and chirpy Kharbanda has grown up loving and aspiring for fashion, bags being her most favourite she claims to be a shopaholic. “I’m a shopaholic! #shallowgoals is what I call it. I had a dream and I didn’t know if I would be able to afford certain kind of brands, but now I’m able to and it makes me very excited. However, these are things I need like a bag or a backpack,” confesses Kharbanda. Here’s all about her style, fitness and beauty regime!

Your favourite fashion piece?

A new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that I recently bought, are right now my favourite. I have grown up wanting one and it feels great to finally own it.

On a casual day what would you wear?

If I don’t have to get clicked then you will see me in a shirt-dress. I have four to five colour variations of the same shirt-dress which I keep restyling. They are very comfortable. Otherwise, you would never see me in denims; it would go for cargo shorts with tank tops.

A fashion trend you are obsessed with..

Feathers – be it on the footwear, clothes or handbags.

Your fashion icon…

Julia Roberts. Something about her is very magical. She’s also an icon because she owns every outfit effortlessly. Also her smile, she can carry off anything with that smile. I wish I can do the same someday.

Moving towards sustainability, what are a few steps that you take?

I’m very careful about the fabrics I wear. I try and avoid leather and fur. Having said that, faux leather is fine. However, anything that deals with animal abuse is not fair and is not fashion as per me. I re-create what I have. In my profession, repeating clothes is a problem, so if I can’t re-create I make sure it goes to someone who will wear it.

Three fashion apps that you love?

Pinterest as I tend to get a lot of ideas from there. Zara is convenient for daily wear online – and an app that has different accessories – I won’t give out the name.

Your favourite fashion designer and brands?

Sabyasachi is my all-time fave! Alexander Mcqueen and Dior are two brands I love – the former being fun and quirky and the latter being classic and subtle.

Is following a diet a crucial part of your fitness? How do you follow?

My basic idea is to make my diet my lifestyle so it doesn’t feel like I’m dieting. I eat everything and only avoid wheat and rice. I have replaced it with Nachni (millet) ki roti, Jowar (Sorghum) ki roti, quinoa. I have full dosage of butter and ghee every day because it’s important for skin and to stay healthy. On a daily basis, I go for a high-fibre diet and have enough calories. Burning them is equally important so I do my cardio. Thirty to 45 mins of workout, five days a week is my aim. Once, I started seeing results it came naturally to me.

Any home beauty remedies you’d like to share?

Multani mitti pack is my go-to pick. I oil my hair every now and then. Olaplex for hair is great and works well for me. For split ends, one should apply egg and because egg sometimes dries out the hair, apply oil after. Most important is to take off the makeup. I make a paste of haldi and malai and put it on my face on days my skin feels dull and dry. When I have breakouts, I make a paste of haldi and water and apply it on the pimple and leave it for 15 minutes.

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