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Bigg Boss 13 Day 48 Update: A still from the show.

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The 47th day in Bigg Boss 13 saw its fair share of fights, drama and the beginning of a new friendship. The episode starts with contestants continuing with the luxury budget task and Asim Riaz and Shehnaz Gill destroying their opponent’s work thus initiating a fight. Paras Chhabra broke the frame of the house the opponent team was painting while Arhaan Khan retaliated by breaking the frame of the house meant to be painted by the other team. Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra get into an argument over destruction of raw material. Some members tried repairing the house but to no effect. During the task, Hindustani Bhau and Devoleena Bhatacharjee get into an argument after the former accidently hit her. Though Bhau apologised, Devoleena was not in a forgiving mood.

During the break form the task, Shehnaz discusses the luxury budget items listed on the board, which the winning team would have got. Bigg Boss appreciates both team’s effort to carry on with the task even after the frames were broken and allows them to pick one item from the luxury budget list.


Bigg Boss 13: A still from the show.

Sidharth and Devoleena’s “budding friendship” became the episode’s highlight. When Devoleena helps Sidharth in rinsing off the paint, Hindustani Bhau, Aarti Singh and Shehnaz cheer for them. When Bigg Boss asks the team members to assemble outside the house, Sidharth and Devoleena stand in the queue together.

Sidharth also surprises the housemates by turning up in the kitchen to wash the morning utensils without being prompted. Khesari Lal Yadav, Paras Chhabra, Shehnaz attribute this change to Sidharth’s friendship with Devoleena.

The 48th day began to the tunes of Dil Dance Maare from the film Tashan. Rashami Desai, Devoleena and Paras then discuss Shehnaz’s changing game, which Paras says is for the better. Devoleena also tells Rashami that minus his aggressive side, Sidharth is a nice player. Rashami warns Devoleena that Sidharth may flip any moment without warning. Sidharth and Devoleena continue their playful flirting through the day.

During the day, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to chose two members for the jail punishment for the week. After a verbal voting round, Paras and Mahira were sent to the makeshift jail in the garden area.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks Hindustani Bhau to make three videos roasting three different contestants in his style. Bhau chooses Paras, Mahira and Shehnaz. Bhau labels Paras as ‘kanya rashi’ while he calls Mahira ‘bade hoott ki chipkali.’ After Bhau roasts Mahira, she blames Paras for giving the YouTube celebrity pointers to roast her. Paras asks Mahira to take in the spirit of the game but she is not in a forgiving mood. Roasting Shehnaz, Bhau asks Shehnaz to remain consistent towards people. He also says the no secret is safe with Shehnaz.


Bigg Boss 13: A still from the show.

Later, the housemates discuss the roast while Mahira, who is upset with Paras for calling her ‘bade hoott ki chipkali’ first, locks herself in the bathroom. Bhau and Paras continue laughing over the roast and then they get into a fighting match. Paras reprimands Mahira was overreacting and making a fool of herself.

Vishal Aditya Singh and Rashami Desai try to break the fight. Mahira tells Rashami that because Paras called her ‘bade hoott ki chipkali’ first, others got an opportunity to troll her. Later, Devoleena tell Bhau that instead of commenting on Mahira’s physical features, he should have chosen to roast her on her game strategy. Mahira tells Paras that he calls her with made-up names, which others use to tease her, which she doesn’t like. They later make-up after Paras apologises to her.

Late in the evening, Bigg Boss announces a new task for the men in the house. Sidharth is teamed with Asim, Hindustani Bhau with Vishal and Arhaan with Bhujpuri actor Khesari Lal. They are given a hurdle task for which Shehnaz is named moderator. Shehnaz declares Sidharth and Asim as the winning pair and they win a prize hamper.


Bigg Boss 13: A still from the show.

Devoleena also reprimands Rashami for letting Shehnaz take her saree. Devoleena tells Rashami that she cannot let people run over her.

Watch this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 13.

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