VAR controversy: Premier League executive says law change may be needed


VAR was brought into use in the Premier League at the beginning of the 2019/20 season

Football laws may need changing to help reduce VAR controversy, a Premier League club executive has told the BBC.

The league introduced VAR this season but a number of high-profile decisions have been criticised over inconsistencies and the time it takes.

However, on Thursday, top-flight clubs were told that there would be no substantive changes this season.

“Issues may only be fully resolved by greater clarity within the laws themselves,” the club executive said.

The league has brought in the system to decide on goals, penalties, red cards and offside decisions.

There have been intense deliberations over offside incidents, including Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino’s goal against Aston Villa on 2 November which was ruled out because his armpit was marginally in front of defender Tyrone Mings’ knee.

The FA rules