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Love is undeniably one of the most beautiful emotions. If you are blessed enough to experience it in your life even once then cherish each moment of it. But, if the love you thought would accompany you till death ceases to exist for some reason, then don’t start to think that there’s nothing more to live.

This is a loss which can never be compensated but you need to know this, breakups are a blessing too!

Yes, breakups hurt the most as one is deceived and the promises made are not fulfilled. The worst of it all are the memories you fondly make together with your partner. After the breakup, all you have are the memories, which remind you of the emotional vacuum they left behind.

This thing causes us to feel empty. The thought of ending up alone keeps on haunting us. But you can overcome all pain and hurt.

The first and most rewarding thing is- acceptance!

You need to accept that the person you loved chose to part ways with you and has left. You don’t need to beat yourself up over it.

However, you need to know that acceptance is more of a process. It takes time and the span for accepting this heart-wrenching truth is different for different people. But, I assure you, the day you accept the truth will be the day you will be liberated of your pain.

The second step, knowing that it hurts, feeling the hurt and letting it go!

Let’s be real! You’ve lost someone and it is bound to hurt. There is no magic potion that you will drink and all the pain will vanish in a jiffy. You will feel bad. You would want them back. You will have sleepless nights and trust me, it is okay! Crying is okay. Wanting to make a call and talk to them over the phone is okay. Wanting to know about their whereabouts is okay. But, what’s not okay is going overboard while doing all this.

When your heart hurts, learn to read the signs your body is trying to give you. There will be a moment when before doing everything listed above you will either have goosebumps, your eyes will become wet, or you will start to shiver. This is how your body tells you not to listen to your heart for it doesn’t want you to get hurt again. You just have to let the moment pass and know, It is going to be one of the toughest things to do, but eventually, you will heal.

Reinvent yourself!

We all forget that we all have to grow. Just like with age our body changes, with new places, new people and new life events, we should too change as a person. Why we sulk is because we attach ourselves too much to our older versions. You need to realise that living happily is the ultimate goal and for that, you need to reinvent yourself every time a major life event takes place.

This means that you will have to change your methods, your way of dealing with people, where and in whom you invest your time, basically everything.

But no matter what, just remember one thing; you have a beautiful gift called life. As long as you live you have the opportunity to make it better and brighter than ever. Live it to the fullest and take care of yourself.

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