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The Easiest Way to Throw a Fancy Party

Throwing a fancy party does not have to be overly complicated. By focusing on a few key elements, you will impress your guests with your hostess skills while achieving all of your party objectives. Here are five ways that you can throw a fancy party without making it difficult.

Set the Mood

The first few minutes of the party set the mood for the entire event, making it important that you pay close attention to these details. Start this task by making sure that your lighting is accomplishing its goal to enhance the vibe of your party. Scattering votive candles around your event space is an easy and affordable way to convey a fancy feel. Hanging a string of twinkling lights around the common areas of your event will also create a romantic atmosphere. In addition, choosing the right music will ensure that you are setting the right tone with your party. Be sure to create your playlist prior to the event so that you can simply hit play and not worry about changing music throughout the party.

Hire Help

You can make the flow of your party as seamless as possible by hiring help. Hiring a knowledgeable bartender will take the pressure off of you to mix drinks all night. And everyone loves to be served by a professional bartender who knows how to make the best drinks. It is also a good idea to hire somebody to manage the kitchen during the event. This person can ensure that the food is brought out at the right time and keep serving platters replenished as needed. This is especially important if your party is leaning on passed appetizers or a buffet set-up. Hiring help will also allow you to be able to fully enjoy the party since you will not be rushing around to make sure everything is in order.

Simplify Catering with Disposable Products

Do not discount disposable products when looking to throw an extravagant party while still making it easy. Not all paper and plastic products are created equal. You can find a variety of premium plastic plates that make it a breeze to serve your amazing food while still impressing your guests. Cleanup will be a snap if you are not saddled with washing dishes. By using premium disposable plastic dishes for your party, you do not have to sacrifice convenience for elegance. Your guests will still be impressed and you will be far more relaxed.

Choose the Menu Wisely

Your menu choices will go a long way in setting the tone for your party. If you are trying to set an extravagant tone for your event, your food choices should take center stage. It is important to note that food does not have to be overly complicated or expensive to impress your guests. Passed appetizers make it easy to incorporate premium food without breaking the budget. For example, dress up a simple cracker with some smoked salmon and chives for a beautiful dish. Even simple additions such as sprinkling your butter with pink Himalayan sea salt or adding cucumber slices to your water jugs will fancy up the menu. The centerpiece of your menu should be an extensive premium dessert buffet.

Pay Attention to the Little Details

A lavish party is one that accounts for every detail. However, you do not have to make this difficult. Simply sit down and brainstorm ways that you can convey an opulent vibe without making it too hard on yourself. For example, hiring a local florist to decorate your event space with fresh flowers will go a long way in creating a posh feel. Succulents also make great centerpieces and are awesome take-home gifts for your guests. Lighting scented candles in the restrooms will keep everything smelling nice. Taking time to make sure the wine pairs well with the food will also add an air of elegance to the event.

In order to create that special wow factor, you need to direct your focus on the elements of the event that will truly make an impact. These five tips will help you to plan a party that will be a hit for all of your guests.


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