Spice Up Your Love Life Naturally: Everything You Need to Know

Of all the things you can expect from your forties, a lack of sex drive probably isn’t one of them! Hormonal changes and reduced circulation levels are common in both women and men. So it’s no surprise to find those old feelings aren’t enough to send you running into each other’s arms.

But while there’s less pressure to make love happen spontaneously, there’s an inevitable shift in the bedroom after 40. “When you’re with someone for decades, spontaneous desire isn’t always going to be the driving force,” says Dr. Holly Richmond, a certified sex therapist.


Aphrodisiacs are foods, drinks, or scents that boost libido. They range from the evident (chocolate) to the obscure (asparagus). Some of these foods and beverages contain substances that have been studied for their potential sex-enhancing properties.

There is no doubt about it. The best love is the kind where you have to stop yourself from pinching yourself while you’re in the middle of it because it seems too good to be true! Of course, we all want that deep connection with our partners, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Unfortunately, many of us are past the age when we can assume that our sex drive is the same as it always was. A combination of aging, changing hormones, stress, and illness are just some of the things that can affect your libido in a way you don’t like.

Don’t let yourself get down about it! It doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your life without a great sex life. On the contrary, African Fly is a significant natural enhancement to use if you want to spice up your love life.


As we age, communication can become more of a challenge. We tend to grow more comfortable with our partners and take them for granted. Sometimes we find ourselves in interactions focused on day-to-day tasks instead of enjoying each other’s company and creating fun memories together. Listed below are some ways you can improve your communication:

1. Introduce the topic of conversation you would like to have with your partner. It can be anything from mundane household chores to fantasies you want to be fulfilled in bed! Make sure it’s something your partner will appreciate talking about, not feel obligated to talk about, and that they aren’t distracted with something else.

2. If the conversation veers away from what you wanted to talk about, do not stop mid-sentence and switch gears! It will make your partner feel like you only brought the topic up to suit yourself. In addition, it will likely lead them to think that you’re not interested in their opinion on the matter. Instead, continue talking and end the conversation once you’ve reached your intended resolution.

3. Ask questions and share opinions! It is essential for effective communication and to let your partner know that their opinion matters to you. If you try too hard, it may seem like you’re interrogating them (which leads us to the next point).

4. Make sure to give your partner time to think about their answers! It’s easy for us to develop a quick solution on the spot. Still, if we have more time, it gives us a chance to consider our response better and say what we mean instead of just blurting out what comes first to mind.

Recreate a Past Date

It is a super simple and effective way to re-spark the flame. Sit down with your partner and ask them about their favorite date you’ve been on together. If they mention a specific movie or meal you shared, go out of your way to recreate it! It not only gives you an excuse to have some alone time together, but it gives you a chance to relive the magic that went into planning that date. You can even ask your partner if they have any other date ideas in mind and work together to create something even better!

Get to Know Each Other Better

Suppose you’ve been together for a while. In that case, there’s a good chance that your partner knows some pretty intimate details about you already (i.e., what your favorite song is, where the scar on your foot came from, etc.).


So, there you have it. Use this comprehensive guide to spice up and enhance your love life. We hope you found this post helpful and informative. Have fun experimenting with different combinations to create an intimate experience that is uniquely yours. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us. Happy loving!

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