How Natural Testosterone can Increase Your Endurance

Whether you’re a man or woman, testosterone is crucial to your hormonal health. Of course, men have far higher levels of it than women naturally. But, everyone has some of it floating around in their bloodstream. Here’s how it works and how it can positively affect performance.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a common hormone found in all mammalian species. In men, it’s produced by the testes. However, some of it is converted from estrogen in women, too.

It’s similar in structure to cholesterol, another common hormone. But, its effects are much different than anything else. Scientists refer to them by grouping everything into two categories.

Anabolic effects are ones that make the body want to grow. So, that’s why anabolic hormones are popular among bodybuilders.

Androgenic effects are different. They’re all symptoms related to the expression of secondary male sex characteristics. For example, testosterone encourages the growth of facial hair.

How Does Testosterone Affect Performance?

Beyond building muscle, testosterone has wide-ranging effects on our physiology. When it’s present, muscles contract with more force, making them stronger. Also, the body’s metabolic systems function more efficiently.

That’s why many notice an increase in their endurance after correcting testosterone imbalances. By readjusting their natural levels, their muscles have more fuel available to them.

Additionally, testosterone encourages recovery. After exercising for long periods, lactic acid builds up in the tissue. Exposing them to testosterone speeds up the rate it’s cleared from the system.

Can You Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally?

There are several ways you can enhance natural testosterone production. Above all, you have to make sure you’re eating a well-rounded diet. Zinc can help boost natural testosterone production in many men because they’re deficient.

Also, a natural testosterone supplement would be a good idea. These combine naturally-occurring ingredients to create a powerful product. By inhibiting the body’s aromatase enzymes, less testosterone converts to estrogen. As a result of the enzyme inhibition, your free test increases rapidly.

Plus, they’ve incorporated ingredients to signal the need for more tests. When there’s not enough estrogen, the body begins producing more testosterone. Another way you can increase your natural levels is by getting more exercise. If you’re overweight, dropping a few pounds would boost them as well. Excess fat has an inhibitory effect on our body’s natural production of testosterone. Getting rid of it has the opposite effect, thankfully.

What Are Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

How do you know whether you’re struggling with low testosterone or something else? Well, there are a few symptoms common to low testosterone you can keep an eye out for.

One of the most evident to men is a reduction in sex drive. Suddenly, getting busy with the wife just seems kind of boring. Even date night doesn’t seem to bring back the spark anymore, either.

That’s because the body isn’t receiving proper signals from its hormone system. By increasing the testosterone levels in your body, they’ll disappear.

Weight gain and lack of energy are also common complaints. Since it influences metabolism, it’s unsurprising to see deficiency have a sedating effect. Also, many complain about feeling inadequate and low self-esteem when experiencing low levels.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

A healthy male should have at least 300 ng/dl of test in their blood. When young, the body’s natural levels are higher than they are in old age. Typically, there’s a sudden increase in its production around puberty. Then, it levels off until sometime after 30. That’s when it begins a steady decline until the end of your life.

Certain things, like smoking, cause your levels to fall faster. An inactive lifestyle can make your body shut down its testosterone production. As we mentioned, obesity tends to decrease test levels, too. Following a healthy diet can counteract many of these effects, though.


Everyone wants to feel good and wake up refreshed. But, too many struggle through the day, hardly feeling a thing. Many of them are suffering from a deficit in testosterone. But, thanks to modern technology, we can detect their problems now. Correcting a testosterone deficiency is much easier once you’ve identified it’s the issue.

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