Rs 8000 ticket drives away Pakistan people from exhibition match featuring Luis Figo, Kaka, Carles Puyol – football


Legendary footballers Luis Figo, Kaka, Carles Puyol and Nicolas Anelka were disappointed to see a sparse crowd turn up for their exhibition match in Karachi, which is part of an initiative to promote the game in Pakistan.

The six-a-side exhibition game which was held at the Rahat Stadium on Saturday between Kaka XI and local side, Karachi FC, saw just a few hundred people in attendance.

Many attributed it to the expensive pricing of tickets which were sold at 8000 rupees each.

“It is to uplift the sport of football in Pakistan,” World Soccer Stars organiser Robert Head said in a statement.

The players have been brought to Pakistan for the second time in two years by the World Stars organizers but the present visit appears to have drawn little response or appreciation from the football fans in the country.

One reason could be the lack of international exposure for the national team players as presently a committee of FIFA is managing football affairs in the country.

“We want to contribute to football (in Pakistan) in any way we can,” said Kaka at a news conference.

“This is the first step towards that.”


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