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Lolouka Formula Guide: Tips to Know if You Choose Organic Baby Products

Nowadays, the organic baby food market is overwhelmed which makes it hard to select the right one. Not so long ago, a new organic manufacturer appeared, and a question arises “if Loulouka is worth trying?”. Well, let’s answer the question.

Loulouka brand

However, Loulouka hit the market in 2019, it was founded in 2012. A group of parents with more than 10 years of experience started to design organic infant milk without palm oil and soy. The base of Loulouka formulas is skimmed milk. Loulouka is regulated by Swiss standards which means it is checked by strict and high regulations and high quality for the treatment of animals. For example, on an ordinary organic Swiss farm, it is allowed to have only 23 cows.

No palm oil

Almost all organic regulated formulas have palm oil in their composition. But Loulouka Stage 1 formula uses coconut oil with 15.8% palmitic acid as the primary fat source, so it is as close to breast milk as possible.


Usually, lactose in baby food serves as the main carbohydrate which is necessary for organisms to assimilate such an important trace element as calcium and is also one of the main sources of energy. While some manufacturers include cheaper substitutes for lactose such as the maltodextrin Loulouka formula Stage 2 uses 100% lactose for its carbohydrate so babies can have non-lactose sugar formula.

DHA & Prebiotics

Loulouka’s new formulation doesn’t include GMOs, soy products, added sugars, and what’s more, it has DHA from fish oil added. So you can be sure that no hexane is used to extract the DHA. And besides, the main source of developing healthy bacteria in your baby’s gut prebiotics are included in Loulouka baby formula Stage 3.

Any pesticides are harmful to babies since the child’s internal organs are still developing, so if it is important for you to know that the food you give your child is grown without different pesticides, then Lolouka is what you need.

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