How to Keep Your Hair Healthy After Bleaching

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy After Bleaching

If you enjoy the attention flaxen-haired women get, you are not alone. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani also bleach their hair, and it becomes a high maintenance beauty routine that can also do damage to your tresses if you’re not careful. 

However, Gwen has one of the healthiest heads of hair in Hollywood because she goes to a pro and treats every strand of hair with the proper tender loving care it deserves. Check out our post-bleaching salon tips for shiny, healthy hair.

Ease Up On Those Heated Tools

We understand, ladies. It isn’t easy staying away from blowdryers, flat irons, curling irons, and all those amazing hair devices that produce a lot of heat to create a lasting style.

However, heat is the enemy of bleached blonde hair, and when over-used, these tools can fry your strands, create frizz, cause strands to snap off, get super-dry, and dull.

If you can, embrace your natural texture, and allow your hair to air dry. If you have to use the blowdryer, use a cooler heat setting, etc.

Try and use these heated tools for briefer periods of time and less often as bleached tresses are more delicate compared to those colored in a darker shade.

Reach For The Leave-In Conditioner

That’s what the styling experts do for Gwen Stefani. These pros use lots of heating tools to get her hair gorgeous for television and know the damage that can occur, so they apply leave-in conditioner at every stage of styling.

A good leave-in conditioner has great moisturizing benefits without a greasy left behind residue. That’s an important tip.

Danilo Dixon, one of Gwen’s hairstylists, applies leave-in conditioner to her dry hair and then layers with volumizers and a little mousse depending on the hair. He dries them in with a mixed bristle brush, always blowing in the direction of the style.

Get Nourishment From Within

It’s one thing to create a gorgeous mane of blonde hair through bleaching, but keeping strands healthy on the inside begins with a proper diet. In other words, your hair needs to be fed the right nutrients.

Bleaching will do a number on your hair if you’re not following the extra special care it requires. You want to maintain shine, growth, and strength, and fish oil pills are one supplement that has advantages.

For example, these supplements contain Omega-3, which is a healthy fat. This ingredient alone can keep your scalp balanced and avoid dryness and flakiness. Omega-3 also helps to open up your hair follicles for healthy growth and shine.

Get Into A Shampoo/Condition Routine

When it comes to maintaining that clean, crisp blonde beauty, there’s a right way to handle the cleaning process. Reality TV’s celebrity color expert Tabitha Duenas has some wonderful recommendations:

  1. Alternate between moisture-rich and protein-rich shampoos and conditioners. Sulfate-free formulas are best because they will not strip and dry out the hair.
  2. Wait two weeks before adding purple shampoos into your routine to preserve the tone.
  3. Head to the salon for a cut or trim within a week of getting your hair colored so that you can seal the ends.
  4. Apply a deep conditioning mask to damp, freshly shampooed hair. Then put a shower cap over it for 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

Touch Up Roots In Seconds

It would be fabulous to have a styling team at the ready as most famous women enjoy, but for those of us living in the real world without the celebrity title, we don’t always have the time to touch up our roots at the salon.

Trying it at home looks easier than it is because if you overlap fresh bleach onto previously bleached hair, the hair could turn white or even snap off.

Luckily, you can conceal new growth with a root-touch up the product from the drugstore even if you have dark roots and light blonde hair.

Bleached blonde hair can be the envy of a lot of people, especially when it’s beautifully colored, shiny, and looks healthy. Remember the old saying, “Blondes have more fun?” The process can be high maintenance, but when you follow our tips, you can avoid unnecessary damage.

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