5 Things to Consider Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery

5 Things to Consider Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery should be done with the help of your regular physician and your cosmetic surgeon. It’s important that you know what to expect in terms of your healing time and what you need to do to avoid infection.

Planning Ahead to be Eligible

Pay particular attention to your diet. In the week before your surgery, reduce your sodium intake, and stay hydrated. Keep up with your regular exercise program, but avoid any excessive dieting or working out. Don’t smoke in the two weeks before your surgery, and don’t drink at least 4 days before your operation.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to work on a meditation and relaxation program before surgery. If you exercise regularly, the need to spend a few days in bed may make you a little stir crazy. By having a calming practice in place, you can reduce your stress with something you know, rather than having to figure out post-surgery.

Prepping to Stay In After the Surgery

In addition to preparing your body for this surgery, you’ll want to prepare your home. Fill prescriptions for a month out after your surgery. Stock up on groceries and find a sitter to help with the kids, or send them away for your recovery time. If your kids are going away to camp or to spend part of the summer with the grandparents, you can use their time away to recuperate.

Make sure you have supplies to ice your surgery site and the necessary pain meds and antibiotics. If your physician recommends post-surgical compression products, make sure you have them in the house before your operation.

Incision Location Matters

Having multiple surgeries can limit your recovery time, so you will have to be very careful about incision care and getting all your medications, such as antibiotics, stocked up beforehand. One of the surgeries that combine these procedures to offer minimal incision sites is the mommy makeover. According to Beyond Beauty Plastic Surgery, a facility offering services such as mommy makeovers in Miami, “The purpose of the procedure is to correct the changes that happen in a woman’s body with childbearing.” This can help improve multiple areas at once. 

You must be very specific about how you can clean your wounds. You’re going to want a bath, but with multiple incisions on your torso, you may not be able to tolerate getting in and out of the tub or even stepping over the edge of the bath. Ask your surgeon for a detailed list of how to clean your wounds both in and out of the bath.

Post-Op Concerns

Discuss your post-op care with your husband. Discuss your need for assistive devices, such as a commode or walker in the early days. Additionally, if you can’t climb stairs after the surgery, you may have to move out of your bedroom while you heal up.

Try to use a bedroom that’s close to a bath. Don’t be a hero and try to move around your house in the dark. Turn on the lights to get from room to room. If you have any post-surgical dizziness, ask your partner to help guide you from the bathroom to bed. Finally, if you’re supposed to rest, ice, compress or elevate, do so. Avoid medications that put you at risk of bleeding, such as aspirin. Be very gentle with yourself.

Ask For Help

If you know you’re going to be down for two weeks, ask for help. Hire a housekeeper and let your partner manage entry and payment. Make your room off-limits to everyone unless you need help, particularly if you’re having a hard time getting the rest you need to heal.

Consider setting up a buddy system with friends. Ask for meals to be prepared and dropped off. Your close friends will know what you’ve undergone and why; they’ll likely be eager to help feed your family as you rest and heal.

You can’t do this alone. One infection or bad tumble in your home can undo a lot of the work you’ve been looking forward to. More importantly, it can put your health at risk. Don’t isolate yourself and put your health at risk. Enjoy the results of your surgery decision.

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