How to Grow Your Audience Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a visual format feature that disappears after a day, and it doesn’t showcase in the news feed on Instagram. It means that you can upload many stories easily to your followers without bothering about over posting them.


Here are quick tutorials that help you out.


How to Create Instagram Stories

  • In Instagram, tap the camera option at the left corner of the top screen.

  • Click on the white-colored round button at the screen’s bottom to click an image.

  • Tap and hold the round button to film video content, or

  • Swipe up to pick the pre-existing photos from the gallery.


You can choose different stories to work out: Live, Music, Boomerang, Focus, Hands-free, or Superzoom.


How to Monitor Your Story Views 

Here is the way to look at your story viewers on Instagram. 

  • Tap the “Your Story” option on the homepage at the top right corner.

  • At the right corner of the screen’s bottom, you can get the views counts option of your story.

  • Swipe up that view count option to check who has viewed your story.

  • If you have an Instagram business account, you could click the graph icon to get insights.


While your story disappears after a day, your viewer’s count disappears after 48 hours, and if you have a business account, your insights remain for 14 days.


How to Utilize Story Stickers 

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Stickers are the fun additions that emerge as an effective tool to your brand’s trustability. It constantly changes, so you need to be active to every date with Instagram sticker developments. Don’t be compelled to use every sticker. 


Stickers are of various types, each brings a unique feature, like:

  • Gains your views and reach with locations and hashtags.

  • Express emotion with emojis, music, or gifs.

  • Look for massive engagement with countdowns, questions, or polls.

  • Bring your content shoppable with stickers of the product.


Are you admire how to get more story views on Instagram and to add a sticker to your story on Instagram:

  • Share a video content or photo to your Instagram story or use the Create option, to begin with, an empty background.

  • At the screen’s top, click on the sticker icon(square-shaped smiley option with a folded base corner)

  • Choose the sticker to use. Every sticker has its unique tricks and tips, which help bring a massive audience to your Instagram story.


You can also attach music files using the music/ sound sticker. It’s a great way to bring a small audio playing in the story background with some exciting content too.


Tip: The Instagram story is like a science. You need to spend more time on it if you are new to the place.


How to Add Hashtags to Your Stories 

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Bringing hashtags to your Instagram story makes it more discoverable to a vast audience. It may also appear on the search page for that particular hashtag by the algorithm of Instagram.


There are easy two ways for bringing hashtags to your exciting story:

  • Using hashtag sticker

  • Using a regular text option by clicking the Aa symbol at the top of the story screen.


The platform provides you with some famous hashtags to keep you moving. You could attach up to ten hashtags to your Instagram stories.


How to Add Locations to Your Stories

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Similar to hashtags, adding locations to your Instagram story enlarges its high reach over your audience list. Many businesses on the platform have a specific location page. You could gain more views if your Instagram story has the correct location of your business or brand.


To attach locations to your story:

  • Click the sticker option.

  • Choose the location sticker.

  • Select your right place from the pop-up list.

  • Manage the color and size of the sticker.


You could change your location tag look by clicking on it.


How to Use Story Highlights 

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Stories disappear after 24hours, but Instagram story highlights stay permanently in the profile below the bio section. It’s a perfect spot for your brand-defining content.


Every highlight could have multiple stories as you want, and also you could add to the highlights as you upload new content. To create story highlight on Instagram:

  • Open the story content you wish to highlight.

  • Click the highlight option at the bottom right corner.

  • Select the highlight in which you want to add your story, or

  • Make a new highlight.


How to Get Your Stories on Instagram’s Explore Page

The explore page on Instagram contains posts selected by the Instagram algorithm when you search something from the search bar. For businesses or brands, getting their content on the explore page means a lot because they gain massive reach and huge engagement.


You can work on it to bring your contents on Instagram’s explore page such as:

  • Uploading video contents

  • Uploading great visual stories without many texts

  • Uploading stories that represent your brand’s identity more visually.


Instagram also takes your story on the Explore page when you repost from other Instagram users. 


How to Utilize Story Polls 

Naturally, stories on Instagram have only two engagement types: active replies or views. Adding polls to your stories brings your audience to participate in it without making any effort, and too, they are fun mixed. 


To make a story poll on Instagram:

  • Share a video content or image to your Instagram story

  • At the screen’s top, click on the sticker option

  • Select a poll sticker

  • Start with your question

  • Bring two answers yourself (default will be Yes/No)

  • Let your story poll runs for a day

  • Remember to share your results because the people need to know.


Story Sizes on Instagram

If you are making or editing the stories on PC or uploading a story, you need to keep these below points in mind:

Recommended image ratio: It should be 9:16(every ratio is supported, but this is the perfect ratio for the Instagram story feature.)

Recommend resolution: It should be 1080*1920(minimum resolution will be 600*1067, and there is no maximum point, although high resolution increases your posting time.)

Maximum file size: 4GB for video contents, 30MB for images.

Maximum duration for the video contents: It should be 15 seconds(extensive video contents automatically split up.)

Maximum duration for the video ads: It should be 120 seconds

Title-safe area: Leave some space at the bottom and top of the story content. In simple words, don’t add logos or texts in the bottom or top story 250pixels to escape from overlapping.


Summing Up

There are various ways you could use stories on Instagram to increase your audience in 2021. So, swipe the page up and down again, recall the story features. And work on those to get your target audience. 

If you get this article more useful to you, share it with your family members, friends, or share it on your social media. Now it’s your turn to work on Instagram stories. 


Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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