How to Find Quality Products for Your Vape

How to Find Quality Products for Your Vape (1)-4c0ee726

Whether you already own a vaping pen or are interested in starting this method of product delivery, it’s important to consider how much you want to spend on your pen and your product. Many beginners choose a cheap pen but are dissatisfied with the results. If you can stretch your budget a bit and buy a better pen, you’ll have more flexibility and can get better results.

Heat Plus Liquid = Plume

Many vapers are looking for lots of plumes or smoke when they vape. To get a great plume, you need to pair the right consumable product with the best ccell vapes so that the heating process only delivers quality smoke without char or risk to your health.

Choose Your Pen Wisely

If you’re into DIY, getting a vaping tool that you can refill with a custom blend of products may be a great investment. Once you learn to blend your own juice, you can easily come up with combinations that will work no matter how busy your day gets.

This generally means a bit more money upfront for your vaping tool. However, once that’s paid for, all you have to buy is your vaping juice and the necessities to keep your tools and cartridges clean.

However, if you’re more of a plug-and-play type, the replacement juice will come in pods or cartridges. These items will be more expensive, but less fiddly and easier to maintain than a vaping tool that you take apart, clean, and refill.

Size Considerations

While some vaping tools are quite large, new items on the market allow you to hold the vaping tool in your palm for discreet vaping. Of course, there will still be plumes, but if you like a vaping tool that can easily fit in a small purse or pocket, the Palm Vape tool travels much more easily and can be charged via USB in about an hour.

Charge Time and Use Time

Your vaping tool will have a required charge time; once it’s loaded with power, you’ll have to enjoy it while the battery lasts. Most vaping tools have replaceable batteries, but if the coils are the problem you may need to replace your pen altogether.

To fully protect the battery, don’t carry it around when it’s undercharged, but don’t over-charge it either. Leaving the battery on the charger for too long can reduce its life. If you can keep the battery between 30% and 85% charge, you will get the most life out of it.

To that end, try to keep your vape pen secured in a pocket close to the body to avoid dropping it or getting it wet. At the end of the day, it’s as vulnerable as your cellphone. Water, hard drops, and complete battery drains will kill it faster.

Start Small

Get a great pen that you like and that you can easily keep clean. Charge it with care; for example, if you plan to carry it all day, put it on the charger when you get in the shower and bring it up to a nearly full charge.

Invest in pre-packaged cartridges to start until you find a product that fully suits your tastes and energy needs. If you plan to try to fill your own cartridges, follow all manufacturers’ instructions and guidance on the best products for the juice needed for your vaping device.

Pay special attention to oils if you plan to fill your own cartridges. There are many products that contain edible oils to provide CBD into the bloodstream of the user, but edible oils are not safe to vape. Getting an edible oil on the heating element of your vaping pen can damage your lungs, and even if you realize something is wrong and don’t inhale, you can destroy your pen.


Talk with the professionals at your local vaping shop. Let them know your vaping interests and concerns. Dig into the process of choosing juice, and if you want to make your own blends, make sure you find out the hygiene needs, recommended cleaning steps, and safest way to blend product. Sealed cartridges are best if you don’t have the time or the space to fill your own.

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