5 Ways You Can Improve Your Strength Training Routine

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Strength Training Routine-34380cc0

Accomplishing your goals in the gym requires patience, hard work, and discipline. The most vital requirement is to have a solid strength training routine that you can utilize every single day consistently. Creating a proper routine is imperative to achieving serious weight gain and muscle growth.


If you talk to any fitness enthusiast trying to build muscle, they will tell you the biggest fear they have is reaching a plateau. This is when you reach a halt in your progress no matter how much you work out. The key is to make constant tweaks to how you work out in the gym, and these five tips will help you improve your routine in the gym for maximum results.

Compound Exercises Before Isolated

It may seem like you’re building muscle when you get that pump from a good bicep curl, but it isn’t going to build your dream body. You need a solid foundation to build proper and usable strength. Compound exercises like the bench press, squats, overhead shoulder press, pull-ups, barbell rows, and lunges are powerful for building functional strength. They usually hit more body parts as opposed to just one muscle, allowing you to gain more with less work. Isolated exercises should be saved to be added at the end of a solid workout full of compound exercises.

Experiment with Different Sets and Reps

Your body is going to hit a plateau if you get too used to the same workout too often. It’s pivotal that you change up your workout every few weeks. If it’s not challenging you, start making a few changes. It can be as simple as changing up sets and reps or as intricate as going from a compound strength training routine to a split day routine where you focus on different individual muscle groups for each day. Sometimes you may want to try changing up your entire routine by doing eccentric training where you try reducing weight as you reach failure, or maybe even circuit training where you do a set of exercises one after the other in a circuit over and over again. You have the power to experiment with what your body needs.

Never Forget The Meal Plan

The majority of your growth is going to take place in the kitchen. Your nutrition is 70 percent of what you accomplish. Your gym efforts go down the drain when you aren’t providing your body with essential vitamins, protein, water, and proper food to help give it what it needs. Investing in a solid protein powder is vital to help to gain the protein requirement you need for your body to gain more muscle. While the goal is to get your protein from the food you eat as often as possible, receiving it from a powdered shake is just as beneficial for getting the same results.

Always Go Back to The Basics / Have Proper Form

The foundation of your form for every exercise you do is going to set the tone for building more muscle and lifting heavier. If you want to improve your routine, you need to go back to the beginning and work on improving and further developing your form to achieve maximum gains in the future. Make it a goal to seek advice from a trainer or experienced friend to look at your technique. Never think that your squat or bench press can’t be better.

Never Neglect the Bodyweight

It’s a shame that most guys at the gym and only utilize the machines and free weights to build their muscles. While that is a solid legitimate solution for building muscle, it’s vital that you engage in bodyweight exercises because of the way they target different parts of your body. Pull-ups, chin-ups, the dozens of push-up variations, and the incredible array of bodyweight exercises can open the door for helping you achieve gains you wouldn’t otherwise.


Improving your strength training routine is all about enforcing proper form, engaging in a healthy meal plan, switching up your workouts for constant development, and always adding in bodyweight to improve overall body strength. Your routine should be constantly revamping every few weeks, whether it’s a slight change in reps or a completely different routine altogether. You want your body to always be ready to build more and not get used to the same routine.

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