DIY for the days the funds run short for a home renovation project

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Raise your hand if you have felt an intense sense of suffocation in your home due to the quarantine.

Did you feel a sudden urge to change everything in your house because nothing seemed to have any meaning?

This state of listlessness is a natural result of the anxiety and trauma of the pandemic. With nothing to engage your mind in, you might have thought of polishing your interior design skills. In all honesty, we, too, have thought of doing the same. The monotony of life within the same walls was a humbling experience for most. It inordinately filled the rooms with heavy silences and the mind with emptiness.

We guess that is enough philosophy, so let’s get to the subject of our interest, planning to make a few changes at home without burning a hole in the pocket.

 From a series of minimalist changes like putting wallpaper on the wall to painting the walls in garish colors, here is a list of a few pocket-friendly DIYs that you can do at home without the need of being Martha Stewart.

So are you ready?

How to renovate your home on a budget?

Decorating a home is a challenge if you have never done it before. It is a task that requires aesthetic sensibility and also a sound sense of self-control. When change is compulsory, but the budget does not allow for much to be done, then DIY projects seem to be the best idea!

The first step is to set a budget. This will help you stay in a limit and not allow your choices to expand outside of what can be afforded. The next step is to start looking for ideas you really want to implement to your home. Once your Pinterest boards are ready, divide the ideas amongst the number of rooms you are willing to touch. It is critical to remember that each space has a different characterization dependent on the residents’ choices. You can either emulate the maximalist aesthetic of Gigi Hadid or choose a more subtle space like Shay Mitchell’s Mediterranean-inspired home.

Either way, the home renovation project’s main goal is to add new energy and improve the mood of the room. All you really need is to recreate your identity in the walls of the home you reside in. And that is all it takes!

Represent your interests in a feature wall.

If you like to embellish your walls with posters, paintings, and relics, then a feature wall is just the right thing for you. It acts as an excellent icebreaker for the days when you need an icebreaker for your guests.

You can easily create a feature by putting together a collage of photographs showing your life’s journey, or put up a map of all the places you have visited or plan to attend. You can also create a mosaic of film posters, quotes, and ideas that have left an impression on you. Get the best photo frames and posters from a garage sale. Even a dollar store could have some steals.

If nothing else works, add a large mirror to the wall and double the light. This also works well to add the perception of a larger space in a small room. If you can manage to add a few pieces of furniture that coordinate with the wall, then that would get an even better result!

Color the room red, blue, and yellow. 

This may seem like a random idea, but trust us, a pop of color can work wonders for any room. An accent wall in a dull room can add immeasurable value to your space without shortening the finances for your first child’s college funds. If you are not able to paint a wall (we know landlords are meanies), you can try to incorporate color through curtains, linen, and furniture. Switch out the throw blanket or cushions on a couch. Swap a dull carpet and add a pompous flower arrangement on a wall to become the Miranda Priestly of home economics! Just remember to keep things subtle, and you are all good to go!

Get plants to rescue your room

Does your apartment complex have a balcony? If yes, then you can recreate a greenspace in less than two hours. But if you do not have access to an open space, then the dear little succulent plants are your saving grace from the divinities above. These plants are tiny, cute, and also extremely minimal in terms of maintenance. You can use your entryway as the best spot for a few potted plants or even opt for artificial arrangements in the bathroom.

If you want to have a complete garden, you can try planting a few herbs in your kitchen and adding a tinge of green and touch of nature into your home. If nothing else works, you always choose to fall back on natural flowers on select days.

If you are confused about what to do next, then click here to find out more!

Build a shelf yourself. 

A shelf adds more than a little bit of charm to your room. It establishes a new character in the space. Many people around the globe like to collect magazines, journals, books, and a lot of collectibles from the places they have visited. Whether you build a shelf out of crates or opt for a Swedish complication, the choice is all yours.

Last Thoughts

A DIY project for the home is always cherished. Renovating a house on a budget is not necessarily a challenge; it is a cause of commitment and passion to your own space. We believe that change is necessary for everyone. It helps us heal from the monotony of everyday life and helps us remain motivated in all spheres of life. 

So what are you waiting for? Start renovating today!

Written by sortiwa

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