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Are you having relationship troubles? Are you looking for someone to talk your heart out about these problems? From how to approach your crush to how to handle a break up, shoot your questions to Cyrus and he will answer them.

I am a 27-year-old woman and there was a time when my beau and I would discuss how our days were after a long day of work. Now, it seems like he hardly cares. I still ask him about his day but he only responds in a word or two. We have stopped talking. And I can’t seem to help us. What should I do? — TR

TR, Shalini Singh in her award winning book, ‘Swing Lower Sweet Chariot’, she has clearly explained, that certain questions are extremely irritating. Questions like, ‘How was your day?’ or ‘Have you eaten?’ or ‘What are you doing with your Jet Privilege Miles?’. In fact these questions are so irritating, that often people stop talking to each other because of them. No spouse enjoys the ‘How was your day’ questions. Partly, because in any case, days generally suck. So TR, first and foremost abandon this line of questioning. Secondly, you need to revive the romance in your relationship. This is best done by facing each other headlong. You can go on a holiday. Where he will have to deal with you, one way or other.

I am a 28-year-old girl and my boyfriend is really bad when it comes to dealing with money. How do I get him to be wise and to stop lending money or buying unnecessary things? — NF

NF, the answer to your problem is simple. In fact its so simple that I’m laughing hysterically while writing this. You have to play, one of the world’s favourite games for kids. You know like Cops and Robbers, and Hopscotch. This famous one is called, Government. and sick PSU. (If you don’t know this game please google both Government and PSU). NF, you play the role of the Government, and let silly boyfriend play the role of the non-performing PSU. As the Government, you must wrest control from the PSU. This means, he has to give you all his money, and then you, and you alone, will make the necessary monetary decisions for him. With the money control in your hand, the relationship will also tilt in your favour.

I am a 25-year-old girl and I want to try dating again. An opportunity has presented itself, but after burning my fingers with a long-distance relationship, do you think I should engage in another? — PS

Taiwanese Sculptor Tong Sen once designed a sculpture of a man eating. The sculpture explained that, if a man ate a meal he did not like, it did not mean he would never eat again. Of course his nephew Yung Sen, misinterpreted the sculpture, and landed up eating it, which really annoyed Tong Sen, so much so, that he never ever sculpted anything again. PS, you are only 25. If you were 26, I would understand the cynicism. However, 25 is too young to be this negative. Please date again. And after that date one more time. And after that date again. Dating, like breathing, or criticizing should never stop. Please have some faith. Don’t worry about the results, and just learn to enjoy the experience.

I am a 28-year-old guy and my girlfriend has been ignoring me. She refuses to respond to texts and leaves them at seen. What do I do? – AR

AR, first I do feel you haven’t spilled all the available information. I mean did you do something wrong? You know like trying her clothes? Or flirting with someone else, after trying on her clothes? What I’m trying to say, God dam it if you’ll let me finish, is, did you do anything to piss her off? Only if your 100% sure she’s not upset with you, can we proceed. Okay, since I hear no answer from you, I’m proceeding. If there was no incident as such, and she’s just ignoring your text, it’s not a good sign. It’s in fact a sign of her love cooling off. Generally, people who have lost interest in the other person, behave like this. The same thing happened between me and the Bollywood bombshell Priyanka Chopra. I won’t divulge details because Priyanka’s just recently recovered, and put her house back in order. AR, I’m sorry. But you will just have to confront her. Ask her to be frank and upfront. Ignoring and avoiding, is always the worst sign, after perhaps trying on each other’s clothes.

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