Crystal Palace v Leicester City: Premier League – live! | Football


Wilf can play on either side, there’s no problem with that at all. He’s equally effective on either side and he’s playing well for us so we trust him to do a good job for us whichever side I choose to play him on. The fact is we aren’t blessed with a lot of goalscorers, everyone knows that. The ones we got are doing a good enough job, I think.

I hear us described as a counter-attacking team but I don’t think that’s an accurate description. We don’t have a particularly low block. We play quite high at the back, as high as probably any team in the league, and we are quite happy to get forward and we have midfield players who are good on the ball. So if sometimes we have been forced into counter-attacking mode it’s because Man City are very good with the ball, as were Arsenal in the second half, and it’s not easy to get it back sometimes.

I’m sure they’ve been delighted with that result. It’s a nice thing to enjoy, I’m sure they’re buoyed by it and it must have done wonders for the team’s confidence. But quite often this year we’ll be playing a team on the back of a good result and they’ll come here very confidently. It’s a question of our preparation, our desire, our hunger, our preparation, our ability if you like to put the pieces of our game together that we need to put together.If we can do that I think we’re in for a good game.


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