Asim Riaz And Sidharth Shukla Get Into An Ugly Fight During Shehnaaz Ka Swayamvar


Bigg Boss 13 Day 52 Update: A still from the house.

New Delhi: 

In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, the contestants woke up to the groovy song Om Mangalam. The way Bigg Boss set up the mood in the house, the contestants got curious why there is a mandap in the garden area. Starting up with the daily routines, Shehnaaz went to the kitchen to wash utensils. However, she got furious after she saw that the utensils have been used up and are still lying in the sink. She shouted at everyone for not helping her during duties and went on to taunt Himanshi for not offering to help and doing her duties properly. Himanshi asked her to calm down and not blame her unnecessarily.

The arguments in the house continued when Rashami complained that no one helps her in making rotis and other kitchen duties. She said she wants to change her duty but Sidharth intervened and they got into an ugly fight. The duo questioned each other’s characters and intentions, where Sidharth commented on Rashami’s relationship with Vishal and Arhaan. However, when Sidharth got really aggressive, Asim tried to intervene but Sidharth pushed him also and got into a fight with him.

Around mid-day, Bigg Boss announced a new and exciting task, in which Hindustani Bhau was asked to play the land lord of the house and Rashami was asked to play his wife. They both have a daughter – Shehnaaz – who is a spoiled brat and likes both Paras and Sidharth Shukla. However, she is confused between the two. Bhau and Rashami want their daughter to get married but they too can’t decide who will make a better groom between Sidharth and Paras. Therefore, they invite the duo with their families at their house. Paras and Sidharth have to impress Bhau and Rashami by performing a series of tasks assigned to them. The family that Bhau and Rashami will pick will become the contender for captaincy in the house. However, there’s a twist. Both the families are allotted one mandap each, which they have to decorate and the opposite team can destroy it.

Later, the contestants started prepping for the task. Vishal decided to play the role of Paras’ aunt. Shehnaaz and Bhau made a plan that they will not give Rashami a chance to take the final decision and will help their team to win the task. As the task started, the contestants had a hearty laugh over Shehnaaz, Bhau, Paras and Sidharth’s hilarious acting. Shehnaaz even made the opponent team members to say it loud that she’s isn’t a paltu master.

However, soon the task took a serious turn when Asim went to kitchen to get fruits for Shehnaaz. Sidharth interrupted him and said Shehnaaz has asked him to get her fruits. The fight got extremely ugly and other housemates also got involved. They tried to stop them but Sidharth kept on pushing Asim. The famous friends of the Bigg Boss house soon turned into rivals.

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