Are hemp-extract dog treats healthy for your pets?


Hemp is a special variety of Cannabis sativa that is cultivated, processed and sold for its health benefits. Hemp extract comes in numerous forms, including hemp oil and CBD dog treats. If your pet suffers from chronic pain, anxiety or other health issues, giving him some form of hemp extract will help manage those issues.

Hemp extract Dog treats are usually laced with CBD oils that boost your pet’s immune system. CBD has been scientifically proven to prevent and manage anxiety, blood disorders, digestive issues, arthritis, epilepsy and tumors. It’s considered a wonder drug in numerous circles.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a potent compound that is derived from hemp. Scientists have been researching this compound for years now. They’ve managed to establish that cannabinoids help to stabilize the body’s central nervous system (CNS) by interacting with special brain receptors known as endocannabinoid receptors. These compounds help to keep the body normal and healthy.

Regular marijuana contains CBD and THC. The latter compound possesses psychoactive properties – it’s responsible for delusions, hallucinations and other issues that normally cause cannabis users to feel “high”. However, CBD does not have the same psychoactive properties. To humans, CBD has been found to have pleasant anti-inflammatory effects. The same compound helps to manage chronic pain, anxiety, neurological disorders and an array of other issues. Most vets commend hemp extract for pets, owing to its effectiveness in controlling anxiety and digestive issues that are common among dogs.

How to distinguish between low-quality and high-quality hemp extract dog treats

If you’re an avid pet lover, you’ll certainly monitor what kind of treats your dog eats. Some treats are laced with excessive preservatives and flavor additives, both of which are unsuitable for your dog. Poor quality hemp-extract treats are those that contain too many additives and too little CBD oil. Good quality treats are made using high-grade gold oil. It also helps to purchase dog treats that have been awarded a clean bill of health from third-party results.

The treats you select for your dog should have pure hemp CBD oil and no active THC. The benefits of hemp-extract treats will avail themselves once your dog starts eating those treats. Currently, scientific research focusing on how CBD oil effects dogs is still in its infancy. However, dog owners who use hemp-extract treats have revealed suggestive evidence that CBD helps to control seizures and treat pain. Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is also used to stimulate appetite and prevent nausea.

The verdict

The benefits of hemp-extract dog treats far outweigh the possible risks. However, you should look for organic treats that don’t contain pesticides and other harmful solvents that could harm your dog. Analyze the packaging to find out just how much CBD has been infused into the dog treats. Ideally, the manufacturer should use tiny amounts of CBD in the product. Feeding your dog with hemp-extract treats will cause it to calm down. When used in very high doses, it could lead to drowsiness. Ensure you use the recommended portions when feeding your pet with CBD-laced treats. 

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