4 Interesting Components to Synthetic Urine

Components to Synthetic Urine

Innovation is taking place in the modern world where people are coming up with ways of creating artificial substances that resemble natural substances. In this case, synthetic urine is an artificial substance made from the lab to resemble real urine. It is mostly found in powder where you mix it with water to form urine. The only difference it has with human urine is that it lacks waste materials in it make it cleaner. Synthetic urine is commonly used in the lab to test for drugs if you want to test negative. You get the freedom to enjoy your things, yet they will not be identified. Here are four interesting components of synthetic urine:

1)            Urea

Urea is a waste product that is commonly found in urine. The excretion process takes place in the kidney then delivered to the urethra for disposal. In the synthetic pee, it is also inorganically present, which makes it look realistic. In the synthetic urine, urea test is proportionally correct as compared to the real urine. This is because urea is meant to test if you have high intakes of proteins or low. Once the urea levels are high, it implies that that the kidneys are not fully functioning as they are supposed.

2)            pH

Synthetic urine is commonly used by people who want to pass a drug test. It has been banned for a long time since it is used to give the wrong results. However, pH in urine is supposed to be stable for a healthy person.

In most cases, the pH level should range at 7.0 for a normal person. Once it exceeds that level, it is said to be alkaline and lower than that is said to be acidic. In synthetic urine, the range is average, making you have better results with no doubts. Having a normal pH indicates that you have no test of drug abuse.

3)            Water

This is a component that is present in both real urine and synthetic urine. In real urine, water is composed in internally. This is by drinking water whereby the excess water is then excreted. Clear urine indicates that you have a problem with your secretion while clear water indicates that you are healthy. In synthetic urine, water is added to powder so that it can make a solution. In the drug test, the combination is correct as long as you put the correct amount of water as instructed. This component takes the largest percentage of urine since it is in liquid form.

4)            Chloride

This is a great determiner of how healthy you are. This is because chloride is an acid that should be stable for maximum body functionality. Once you test for high chloride levels, it indicates that you are dehydrated and you are high on acids. Being low on chloride implies that you are low on salts that are meant to balance your acidity level. This component is well balanced in synthetic urine to ensure that you have positive results in your drug test. This way, you can prove your health regardless of your actual results.

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