6 Essential Tools Every Startup Business Needs to Succeed

6 Essential Tools Every Startup Business Should Needs to Succeed (1)-b7f210f3

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As a new business startup, you don’t want to fail before you even get started. It is every business owner’s goal to make their startup a business that doesn’t just survive, but thrive. There are many different business tools that any business can utilize to be successful. However, for a business startup there are six business tools that are essential for success as they can make starting a new business easier.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is the number one business tool that is necessary for any business startup, especially if you already have several employees. It is a free platform that makes creating, sharing, commenting, and collaborating on multiple files easy. Google Docs is a great way for a business owner to see which employees are working on assigned documents. Not to mention it gives a new business owner, or team leader, some insight into which employees work best together and which do not. For a business startup this can be vital information to pay attention to in order to avoid delays, poor communication, and lack of team work from those that don’t work well together, and getting the most out of your employees that work well together.

2. Sidekick

Today, email is still one of the best ways to reach both employees and potential customers. However, how do you know if they’re being opened or not? Sidekick is an email add-on business tool that was developed for the sole purpose of notifying when an email was opened or not by the recipient. This can be a useful business tool when contacting staff for time-sensitive assignments. You will know right away if they opened the email, and are aware of what is required of them, or if you need to contact them via phone because they have not read the email you sent. This business tool can be beneficial for customer relations as well. If using cold emailing to contact potential customers, marketing, or sending out a newsletter Sidekick will allow you to analyze how well the emails are working. Pay attention to how many are being opened, and how many are not to make improvements to increase customer interest.

3. Mass Text Messaging Software

Not everyone checks their email regularly, and for a business startup this should always be taken into consideration when looking for ways to gain, and keep, your customers attention. Utilizing a mass texting software can allow your business to reach out to hundreds of potential customers in a matter of seconds effectively gaining their attention. Best of all, mass text messaging software allows for the importation of new numbers, removal of invalid numbers, and forward any text replies to a designated email address for convenience. This business tool can also be customized for easy use. Filter customer numbers into specific groups and schedule mass marketing text messages specifically for them based on what you know they will take interest in (TXT Impact, 2021).

4. Typeform

Typeform is a free web-based service where you can create informative surveys. It is a simple way any business startup can obtain vital customer feedback on services, customer support, management, and customer satisfaction. Although, it is possible that customers are more likely to disregard surveys then they are to fill them out to voice their opinion. What works in a business startup’s favor is that typeform is clear, straightforward, and mobile friendly making thereby increasing the chances of gaining much needed customer feedback.

5. Social Media Management Tools

It is highly recommended for a business startup to have a strong online presence to both reach, and draw in, potential customers. An online presence can be as simple as having social media accounts that advertises a business’s services and products. However, having multiple accounts can be difficult to manage, which is why using a social media management tool is essential for new businesses. It will allow you to successfully manage multiple social media accounts at the same time, be seen as consistent by current customers, and provide quick responses to those that reach out to the business through their social media account gaining potential customers (AZ Big Media, 2021).

6. Content Management System

Last, but not least, it is essential for a new startup to have a content management system to manage the business website. Nowadays most people research a business, and are not likely to trust, or shop, at a business that does not have a business website. More and more people are opting to do their shopping online instead of walking into a physical store for their needs. It is possible to hire a designer to create a website, but for a business startup there are plenty of content management systems that can be used to create a satisfactory website using beautiful pre-designed themes adding and plug-ins before adding in what you want the site to say for, and about, your business.


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