5 Green Eco-friendly Businesses To Support

Green businesses use sustainable materials to create products and deliver their services. These are businesses that aim at using as little water as possible and minimizing their use of energy and raw materials in product creation. By doing so, they reduce their carbon footprint. They may also be businesses that create products to help others cut their carbon footprint or teach others how to care for the environment. Here are five businesses to support.

1. Environmental Publications

Environmental publications seek to create awareness among the masses. These publications debunk myths and tell the truth about the world through words, photos, and videos. Through these publications, writers and other content creators can help the masses see how their day-to-day activities affect the environment they live in. Environmental publications are mostly blogs and online magazines. These publications can also spread the word on social media sites to reach as many people as possible.

Unlike the conventional publications that print content on paper, environmental publications reduce the use of paper as much as possible to save trees. You can support the course by being a contributor or helping share the content with as many people as possible.

2. Sustainable Energy Product Companies

There is a push for more sustainable energy sources for homes and industries. This push starts with the need for more electric vehicles that do not use fossil fuels. Later, these vehicles can charge on solar power and further save the planet.

Green energy companies are companies that produce solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy products. Renewable energy products draw or generate energy from the sun, wind, geothermal heat, tides, waves, and even rain. The energy is naturally replenished unlike fossil fuels, which take a very long time to form.

You can support businesses dealing with renewable energy products, such as solar panels, by marketing them or buying from them. You can also market the government incentives for people using these renewable energy sources so that more people can buy the products.

3. Upcycled Retail Products

Green living entails living life with zero waste. Upcycling businesses take old items and waste products and convert them into useful products. One such business is Street Tree Revival, which takes dead trees from storms and diseases and recycles them to create live edge wood slabs in California. This saves the trees from ending up in landfills.

You can support these businesses, or you can start your project. The app Recyclart has several recycling projects that enthusiasts can choose from. There are projects you can do with wastewater and soda bottles, old clothes, and so many other items.

4. Eco Apps

There are millions of apps today. While most of these are for entertainment and to make it easier to do everyday activities, some can help you live a greener life.

Eco Apps are apps designed to help you improve your daily life to make it greener and more sustainable. One of these apps is ‘Too Good To Go’. It is an app designed to help hoteliers sell all the food prepared for the day to ensure there are no leftovers to throw away.

Some apps use a percentage of their profits to support environmental courses. One such app is Ecosia.

5. Sustainable Handmade Products

There are millions of businesses making and selling eco-friendly and natural products. You can find these businesses on Etsy, creating eco-cosmetics, soft furnishings, and jewelry among other items. There are also others, creating green cleaners and other green personal care products.

The creators of these products do not need to be creative or have original ideas. Some of the most successful skincare products only have a few ingredients. Most people prefer organic and eco-friendly products for cleaning and skincare. Businesses creating other eco-friendly products, such as jewelry, can learn the art online and then source raw materials locally.

You can support these businesses by buying from them or marketing their products as better options.

More and more businesses are adopting green business operations. Companies, such as Unilever, have sustainability policies that apply to how they source raw materials, produce their products, and even supply the products. If you wish to start living a green lifestyle you can start by supporting green businesses. 

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