5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

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According to research done by Oxford University Saïd Business School in collaboration with British Multinational Telecoms firms, employees are 13% more productive when they are happy. In addition, happy employees are engaged in their jobs, thus resulting in low turnover rates. Conversely, when employees feel unmotivated or undervalued, the company suffers. In this context, the following reviews five practical ways that can be instrumental in keeping your employees happy, but first, let us discuss the benefits of achieving employees’ happiness in an organization.

Importance of Achieving Employees’ Happiness

  • Happy employees are productive – when employees are in their right moods, they are less involved in themselves, and they are in no doubt diverted to achieving the organization’s goals, and therefore, productivity becomes the order of the day.

  • Happy employees are innovative – when your employees are generally happy, they have a positive attitude toward work, and they can easily co-operate with each other to bring new ideas into the board and hence the success of every business.

  • Happy employees are better team players – creating happiness within an organization leads to a sound business environment that allows employees to help each other handle big tasks or issues faced during work life.

How to Realize Employees’ Happiness

1. Maximize Your Office Space

The physical layout of your office has a significant impact on employee’s happiness and productivity. As you design your office layout, it is crucial to understand your employee’s diversity. Some will work best when they are in a quiet and isolated environment. Others work best with little white noise from their colleagues. There are outstanding features of an office that will boost your employee’s morale. For instance, some employees fantasize about the aroma of cigars, and therefore they would want to smoke from time to time; this also has a massive influence on their productivity. Other employees may become irritated when the smoke levels are critically high. Therefore, how do you balance this situation? Many companies deal with the supply of a smoke eater, also called an air purifier. The device will specifically help in removing excess smoke in the air. Elegant Bar, for example, offers a wide range of air purifier machines designed for commercial settings. They deal with a range of air purifiers that suit the needs of every business set up.

Further, it would help if you created individual and collaborative desks to choose what fits their work style. And lastly, ensure you have proper office types of equipment, including pens, sticky notes, staplers, and printers.

2. Recognize Employee Progress

When your employee hits a milestone or overcomes a challenge, do not hesitate to reward their contribution. A simple thank you note can have a significant impact on their lives. You can reward your employees by:

  • Offering free lunch.

  • Creating holiday parties and

  • Surprising them with gift cards.

3. Create a Transparent Workplace

It would be best if you were clear with your expectations from the time an employee report to work. Ensure you hold meetings for collaborative discussion and set realistic deadlines for projects. Again, reading from the same script in an organization aids in the realization of a diligent and productive workforce.

4. Allow Growth

Promotion slots are one of the best sources of motivation and happiness. When you promise and deliver on a promotion, employees will work extra hard to earn a promotion. This also fosters good organizational culture.

5. Give Benefits that Matter

Creating open communication with your employees to determine the right benefits package to offer is also crucial to their happiness. Therefore, you need to collect and analyze their demographics and then decide what fits them. Examples of critical data you will want to capture may include:

  • Retirement benefits

  • Maternity/paternity leave

  • Educational benefits and

  • Gym membership.

How Work-Life Balance Affect Employees’ Happiness and Productivity

The work-life balance issue is the elephant in the room to ensure all employees are happy. Employers should have a deep understanding that employees are not only work servants but are also normal people with diverse lifestyles. Employers can put a smile on their employees’ faces by:

  • Providing medical life assurance covers.

  • Creating remote working for employees so that they can have more time for their families.

  • Offering shopping vouchers during holidays.


Employee happiness is essential to the success of every business. Therefore, employers should try as much as possible to make their employees have a happy work-life to realize optimal job productivity.

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